The heart shaped measuring spoons

Yesterday, I found these heart shaped measuring spoons on the counter.

I had never seen them before! (or at least I thought I hadn't)
I said to Taylor, "Where did these cute measuring spoons come from? I love them!"
Taylor's face instantly turned into a typical "hand caught in the cookie jar" face.

He then explained to me that we got them from our wedding.
But a few weeks after being married, he hid them on a top shelf of a cupboard (out of my sight).

You're probably just as confused now as I was when he told me that.
Here's why he hid them:
You see how they are on a little ring?
Well our other pair (which I thought until now was our only pair) also has a little ring.
But I frequently take the measuring spoons off of the ring and just put them all in a drawer.  
I don't like to wash them all when only one is dirty. 

I guess it drove Taylor nuts, because he could never find the measuring spoon he was looking for, since I didn't always keep them on their nice little ring.
So he decided early on to take that second pair of measuring spoons and hide them.
I could not stop laughing.

I just wish he had taken the other ones and left these cute heart ones to me!

Props for keeping them hidden from me for almost 16 months.
(is that how long we've been married!? Wow!)
But, alas, I know now about the existence of the heart-shaped measuring spoons.
And I'm not letting them disappear for a second time. ;)

I'm beginning to wonder...
What other wedding presents has he stashed that I have yet to find?

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  1. LOL! He should have said that they were an early Valentine's Day gift ;) Gotta love the 'cookie jar' look though. Hope we see that from our hubbies occasionally forever.