An ode to Pinnager day.

This was mine and Taylor's conversation as I was trying to wake him up this morning:

Taylor: "Who's Pinnager?"
Me: "Who?"
Taylor: "Pinnager.  The person whose day it is."
Me: "What are you talking about?"
Taylor: "You know, like on Martin Luther King Day, when your alarm goes off, you are waking up for Martin Luther King. And today my brain is telling me that I'm waking up for Pinnager day."
Me: "Taylor, you're making no sense at all."
(keep in mind, this is me translating his tired, half-awake, mumbling self)

I finally was able to wake him up enough for him to stop talking crazy.
But he wasn't too happy about that.
It was pretty dang funny.

Happy Pinnager day to all. 

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