Back to the grind!

Oh hey, it's this handsome boy's first day back to classes today!
Weird picture, I know.  But I'm pretty sure this is the same outfit he was wearing this morning.
So that's why I chose it. ha

I feel like a mom...I am so excited to see him in a few hours so he can tell me all about his classes.
I am even nervous for him!
Stupid...I know. He's a big boy.
But I just hope he really likes all of his professors and new classes.

This morning, we spent a good 10-15 minutes digging his truck out of the snow.
He's been driving my car the last two weeks while I was out of school, so the truck hasn't moved since the snow storms.
It was pretty exciting to watch that truck try to make it over the mounds of snow.
It had snow piled to its hood! (thanks to the snow-plower)

Just a few more hours until I see this handsome man of mine!

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