Our weekend.

We had such a fun-filled weekend.

On Friday, a bunch of couples got together to play pivot ball and chair soccer.
If you haven't played either games, you're missing out!
It was seriously so fun.
And our bodies have been sore ever since!

Oh and here's Mad and Jordo modeling ;)

Afterwards, I few of us decided to go get some frozen yogurt!
We sure do love our married friends.

 The Mckees

The Oldhams

 The Gilberts

Saturday morning, Tay and I went to the temple with Jordan and Maddie Mckee.
We love those two.
In fact, we love them so much, that we saw them later that night too.
For dinner, dessert, and a fun game of settlers!

Our church time changed to 9am with the new year, and Tay and I are loving it already!
Here's to another week!

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  1. Ah, I love this!! SO happy we we're mentioned so many times. :)