Spontaneity and Double Fortunes

Right as we were sitting down to Asian noodles for dinner last night, Taylor said,
"Man, this makes me want PF Changs."
I looked at him and said, "Me too.  Let's go!"
Taylor: "Tomorrow night?"
Me: "How about...tonight?"

So, with dinner already made for the night, we headed out the door to visit one of our favorite restaurants.
I figured we could just use the already-made dinner for our lunches the next day. ;)
Plus, we had a giftcard at PF Changs that we've been wanting to use for awhile now.

We laughed about the spontaneity. 
But it was all worth it for this baby:

The funniest part?  I got the EXACT same fortune from when we went last time!

 Fortune #1

Fortune #2

I guess I do my best thinking in the shower?
And apparently, I didn't act on my best-shower-idea the first time, so it felt the need to add the "Act on it" line in fortune #2.

I'll have to pay more attention to my shower thoughts. ;)

P.S. Taylor and I also made a deal: no sodas until the cruise.
We're not huge soda drinkers to begin with, but we have the occasional pop when we go out or when we have dinner at his parents house.
I watched this short video clip about the sugars in coca-cola yesterday (I've heard of how bad they are, but actually seeing it was another thing!), and I vowed to never have one again.
But I figured that vow was probably something that wouldn't last forever...I mean, what else do you drink with mexican food? (pop + mexican food= supreme)
So..."until the cruise" it is! 

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  1. BAHAHA are you saying POP now?! You are becoming a true Utahn!...and a hick ;)