Triple date with matching wives

A couple of weeks ago, we had an FHE night with two great couples.
The whole night was so funny!

To START, all of the girls were wearing matching red pea-coats!
Complete accident!
And me and Mads were wearing the same shoes!
Funny, right?

Taylor's mom was nice enough to let us borrow her Acadia, so that all six of us could squeeze into one car.
The gas tank was almost on empty, so she gave us her card to fill up the tank.
So, first stop: gas station.

Taylor pulled up to the gas station and got out to pump the gas.
A few minutes later, he gets back in and pulls to another pump.
He had forgotten his Mom's pin and the pump locked because of too many incorrect guesses.
We all laughed, and then I handed Tay my card, and told him just to do it with our money.
Well...a few minutes later he gets back in and starts to drive to ANOTHER pump.
We all burst out laughing.
Poor Taylor just couldn't get those pins right ;)
So, finally at the third pump, I told my poor husband to stay in the car while I pumped the gas.
We definitely gave him a hard time about it. ;)

Tarahumara is all of the way in Midway (about a 35-45 minute drive).
About halfway there, Dusty asked Taylor, "Someone checked to make sure it's still open, right?"
Taylor confidently said, "Yeah, it's for sure still open."
Well...I'm sure you can guess how the next part of the story goes.
We finally got to the restaurant, and it was CLOSED.
After driving all of that way.
It was so ironic, we couldn't help but tease poor TayRay.

Luckily, Taylor's family used to have a cabin in Midway, so he knew another yummy spot nearby to fill our hungry tummies.
We ended up at Spin Cafe.
And man!
It was delicious!

We enjoyed some yummy food, and afterwards had gelato.
We sure do love good friends and good food.
Hoorah for an eventful and extremely fun night!

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