My husband is awesome.

Taylor got me a dslr for Christmas!
I have wanted one forever.
And he was sooo sneaky about it.

A few days before Christmas, there was a new present under our tree.
To Kelli, Love Taylor.
It was clearly a wrapped ring box.
That was my best guess.
I mean what else do you put in a ring box?

Then, when it was time for me to open that gift on Christmas morning,
his family was suspiciously excited.
I didn't quite understand.
Why would they all be excited over jewelry?

And when I opened the ring box,
it wasn't jewelry that greeted me.
Instead it was a clue:

I didn't want to believe it.
But then Taylor had his brother bring out my real present.
A canon dslr.
And I'm officially obsessed.

It's safe to say that I treat this camera like my first born child.
It comes everywhere with me, and is hardly ever out of my sight.

And here's a cute little video Taylor's dad took of me opening that tricky little ring box.

Dear Taylor:
You are the best.
So sneaky.
And I love you.
A lot.

A few more Christmas posts to come :)

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