For now...

It wasn't until yesterday that I started feeling 100%.
It felt like forever of feeling blech.  

So, unfortunately, I don't have the greatest pictures to share from Christmas.
Since I wasn't feeling all that hot, I wasn't thinking too much about picture-taking.
I was putting all of my energy to convincing myself that I felt okay.
I do have a few Christmas posts coming soon.

But for now, this check-in post will have to do.
We are doing well...Tay is doing his best to avoid the "plague" going through Utah.
Seriously...everyone is sick.
It even made the news!
It's called the rotavirus. Look it up. Some nasty stuff.

The past few days there has been some crazy snow.
I don't think I've ever seen this much snow.
It's been fun to cuddle in front of fires, do puzzles, and spend time with family.

Here are a few pictures to satisfy the mind:

 As soon as I walked outside, I realized how stupid my shoe choice was.
Sperrys in a snowstorm?
Yep, I'm definitely from California.

When we opened the door last night, this is what I saw:
Holy cow. SO MUCH SNOW!

It was so fun having my first white christmas.

I'm stuck indoors, because Taylor hid my car keys.  He's too scared of me driving anywhere in the snow. Ha! He has good reason...

Look forward to some Christmas posts coming soon...
Taylor got me a dslr!  
I am one happy girl.

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