I did it!

I chopped all of my hair!
Okay, this isn't the greatest picture, but you'll get the idea :)

It actually wasn't that hard of a decision.
I was SO bored with my long hair.
And I was ready to try something new.
Plus, hair grows back right?
And mine grows pretty fast, so I'm not too worried.
I figured that if I did it really short, I'd get to experience everything in between.
I love it!
It is so fun.

Except, I now have a case of phantom hair.
I'll try playing with my now non-existant long hair, and be confused for a second as to where it is.
Taylor LOVES it. I think more than he liked my long hair?
Anyways, it's fun and new.
Sometimes still weird. But...trying new things is fun!

Yep, be proud.
I did it.

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