Date at PF Changs

Last night=quadruple date at PF Changs with some of our married friends.
It was so fun.
Sorry in advance for the dark pictures.
PF Changs lighting is hard for a little iphone.
(yes, my iphone camera will still be used frequently even though I now own an awesome dslr.  The iphone is easier on little date nights like these;) )

Okay, so T&A and me and Taylor both ordered chocolate cakes.
We didn't realize until the cakes came out that there was a MAJOR size difference.
Look at this!
Our cake quickly became a community cake, since there was no way Taylor and I were finishing it on our own.  It was one of the highlights of the night.

 So...Tay and I randomly and completely last minute decided to throw a NYE party tomorrow night.
We invited lots of couple friends.
We're pretty excited.
Wish me luck.
I have one day to prepare.

It's almost 2013!
New Years Resolutions?
I'll share mine soon :)

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