I am way behind on blogging!
I have so many posts that I need to finish and publish.
I will try to get a few up tomorrow...or at least one. ha.
With this wonderful season upon us, Tay and I have been so busy jumping from one thing to the next.
This next week will be full of work and church Christmas parties.
PLUS, a Christmas play this weekend in ASL.
Love that Tay and I can share the love of this beautiful language.
Did you know we plan on teaching our kids ASL?
Can you just imagine little signing toddlers?
It will be adorable.

Anyways, posts coming soon!
It is way past my bedtime.
So, goodnight!
And YAY for it being DECEMBER!
23 days until Christmas!!!!
And I already have a lot of presents purchased.  
But only one so far for Mr. TayRay...purchased weeks ago, actually. 
 I have it secretly hidden away.  
I think I found the most awesome hiding spot for gifts this year!
Pretty proud of my sneaky self.

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