randoms and lately.

a little picture on easter sunday!
(not really sure why I look so extremely short in this picture...)
easter was so fun being spent with our gilbert fam.
we sure love the time we get with them.

taylor's easter basket was a little boring this year.
he is doing this diet thing for work, so I couldn't put any treats in his basket this year.
So he got lots of healthy food + his annual ties.
but he was still sweet enough to put some yummy treats and that pretty floral dress in my own basket ;)
goooood boy.

I had my glucose test this week!
I've been dreading it since I scheduled it last month.
but it wasn't nearly as bad as I was preparing for.
my doctor's office refrigerates their glucose drinks, which made it 10x better.
I purposefully stayed off of social media all day so that I would have something to do to keep my mind occupied while I drank.
and it worked like a charm! I had enough unread posts to scroll through, that I was kept pretty entertained while downing the yucky.
the worst part is probably just how fast you have to drink it, but in all reality, it really, really wasn't bad.

it's also really fun counting down to my next doctor's appointments!
doctor appointments are actually so fun now!
I love hearing her little heartbeat.
it makes everything so much more real for the 10 seconds I get to hear her.

really random picture, but we've loved our frequent dinner dates with mom and dad gilbert.
they are like our built in best friends, and we always have such a good time with them.
especially with all of us getting more and more giddy over baby girl gilbert!

 this morning I walked into my classroom and found huge, intricate snowflakes hanging everywhere.
I was so confused...still am.
Is it an april fools joke?
I keep thinking something is going to fall out of all of them or something...
ha, so the mystery is unsolved as of this moment.
for a really scary classroom moment, see here.

life has just been so great with my forever little sidekick.
we lie in bed and get to feel baby girl move every night. the BEST
pregnancy is so, so weird.
half the time, I almost forget I'm pregnant.
And then I will catch sight of myself in the mirror, or my belly will hit something, or baby girl will kick super hard, and a whole new wave of emotions comes over me as I remember what I'm carrying all day.
the human body is amazing.
and is it weird that I love always having a little companion?
where ever I go, I've got little girl with me.
and it's kind of the best feeling in the world.
a literal, built-in best friend. hahah

Half the time, I think, how can we wait 11 more weeks!? (that's if she doesn't come early!)
and the other half of the time, I think..."oh my gosh. we are SO NOT READY. 11 weeks!?!?!?"
pregnancy is something else.

but life is great...and spring break starts after today, so HALLELUJAH!

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  1. I am so happy for you! I'm not pregnant yet, but I feel like a LOT of pregnant women have talked about ho TERRIBLE the glucose drink is...and I can't imagine it being THAT bad, ha! Go you! You and Taylor are looking so adorable, as always! Your Easter dress is rockin!