the growing bump

I wasn't super good at taking cute, regular pictures of my growing bump.
I actually started to, but was so frustrated by my bump's growing process, that I stopped.
I felt like I was in the "chub" stage FOREVER.
and had a reallyyyy hard time accepting the weight gain with no real bump.
 (see older posts to read my frustrations ha)

BUT now, I look back at what I "thought" were bump pictures, and I laugh so hard.
so here are my growing bump pictures.
and keep in mind, most of these I was just sending to my sister or mom, and so they are not cute by ANY means.
and 80% of them are in the high school bathroom HAHA

14 weeks.
^I sent this picture to my mom and sister saying, "I FINALLY HAVE A BUMP!" 
HAHAHAHAH....little did I know...
(p.s. we had just moved in...hence the mess)
now, I look at that flat tummy and think, "GIMME THAT BACK"
and at the time, I actually thought I was chubby with a BUMP!! HAHAHAHA

17 weeks.
what am I even holding? this was such a huge bump to me, and now it's comical.
but just look how proud my face is of that growing bump. HA

18.5 weeks.
this was still when I was extremely frustrated with my "chub"
now, it just looks like a flat tummy to me...oh, dear me.

19.5 weeks
this was my most exciting picture to take.
I remember I was soooo happy. 
there was a BELLY
I thought I was HUGE

 20.5 weeks (a little pushed out for the sake of the picture)
by 20 weeks, my belly had officially "popped"
it still was playing "hide and seek" for the next 2-4 weeks (some days it'd be there, and other days..."where'd ya go!?")
but I was pretty proud of that little bump.

22 weeks.
just loving on that little belly when it chose to come out and play.

25 weeks
official bump status reached!!
this was also right after dinner, so probably a little bigger than usual, but YES to the bump!

 26.5 weeks.
finally feeling so proud of that bump that caused me so much freaking stress.

and after this point...every week, has been a crazy change.
I actually haven't been gaining any weight the last couple of weeks, but there has been some definite expansion in that belly of mine (considering she's gaining half a pound a week!)!
27.5 weeks!

28.5 weeks!

and my most recent...29 weeks.
at my doctor's appointment this week, the doctor said she is still measuring ahead.
nice and long.
he said he is curious to do an ultrasound and measure her at our next appointment!

baby girl moves soooo much.
her movements are starting to hurt a little, so that's fun. ha
Running and walking are the only times I'm truly comfortable...I rock her right to sleep with those movements. and then she's ready to play every other time of the day...
still not progressing on a name for baby girl, but I just keep telling myself it will come to us.
I feel like I should be more stressed about it than I am, though...

anyways, we are a happy and healthy 29 weeks--can't believe we will be meeting her so soon!
baby girl and I have a little 5k race this weekend, and I'm pretty excited!

enough said.


  1. Your bump is so cuteee! I can't wait til mine is like that. I have one now, but it's not all round and cute...it's just...fat looking haha.

  2. I love that floral dress you are wearing! Love your bump! I'm missing mine already and we didn't even have her yet:)

  3. I went on a vacation to Mexico with my family when I was 23 weeks and we thought I was HUGE! Now we just laugh because it was just the smallest bump but it was at least finally a bump :) you're looking so cute! That will be fun to do an ultrasound next time!

  4. Your bump is adorable! I am 32 weeks along with our little girl and my bump is out of control. My husband, like yours, is super tall at 6'4". At my last few doctor's appointments, I have been measuring 3 weeks ahead. YOWZA! I'm mentally prepping to birth a toddler :) :) :) Happy Thursday!

  5. look at that bump!!! i remember the pictures from the beginning, and i totally was like, "YEAH A BUMP"! haha it has been so fun to see this process lady. love it!

  6. You are so FREAKING ADORABLE girl!!!!! These pictures are great to have!

  7. Oh my gosh this is my favorite post! Cutest bump! I can't wait to meet her!! HURRY UP JUNE!!

  8. You are so cute, and all your outfits are adorable! Embrace the bump because you look amazing!

  9. Okay I'm pretty sure your first picture is what my stomach looks like normally hahahah. You are so cute! So exciting!!