thanks to so many family, friends, and students, my 25th birthday was so special!

I walked into a classroom that was decorated by some of my sweet, sweet students!
having a birthday as a teacher rocks.
I got sooooo many treats. hahah
milkshake, after meal, after candy, after more milkshakes, after giftcards...AH
I had to share A LOT. haha

I came home to the prettiest flowers and sweeeeetest card from my tayray.
he came home from work early, and whisked me away to the tulip festival.
(which I just found out yesterday that teachers + a guest get in for FREE...DANG hahah, guess we will just have to go again for free ;))

one of my favorite things about my sweet taylor is how much he appreciates beautiful and creative things.
he loved the gardens as much as I did!
we walked around for a few hours, admiring lots, and wishing we had a membership (which, now we technically do, since we can get in for free whenever we want hahah)

I took most pictures on snapchat, so the only ones I actually have on my phone are in the same spot with new facial expressions. haha
after the festival, taylor took me to dinner, and then we cuddled up to a movie and taylor gave me the best birthday massage a pregnant woman could ask for!

I had a few people telling me to make sure that this birthday was all about ME, since it was my last birthday not being a mom.
but don't they know that my thoughts are already revolving around baby 24/7? ha
all of the things I wanted for my birthday were baby related, and people kept asking, "are you SURE you want something for the baby and not for yourself?"
like they felt guilty getting baby-related items. hahah
but it was all I wanted...and it was the best birthday EVER.
all of my hopeful nursery items are being checked off of my list
(thanks also to how lucky baby girl is...I've won 18 instagram giveaways in the last 3 months!...mostly baby related)

I am so excited that this is the birthday year that I become a MAMA.
it's gonna be a good year.
I can feel it.

taylor just sent me this little text
cue swooning heart.
it's going to be one good date night.
p.s. have you seen grace and frankie?
it is sooo funny. 
we binged watched the first season when it first came on netflix.

Just a few more date nights left until we've got a third wheeler on our hands ;)


  1. So glad your birthday was so great! And OH MY GOODNESS you won 18 giveaways?! How many have you entered?? Haha :) You should do a post just documenting what you got from all those giveaways...sounds fun to read about/see pictures of! :)

  2. Wait wait wait.... WE GET IN FOR FREE?!?!?! Details por favor! And you are looking so cute!!

    1. Happy belated birthday!! It sounds absolutely perfect!!! I love that your kids declared for you!! So sweet!!

  3. Happy birthday! I love the tulip festival, but I wish I got in for free too!!! I guess being a teacher you get some perks! Also I really love your braid! Your hair looks absolutely lovely.