a body fell out of my closet.

so, yes. this happened.
I was in the middle of teaching my 4th period class.
I was up at the front of the classroom, just casually lecturing about world war 2.
All of the sudden, the cabinet door of my tall cabinet, starts to slowly open.
all 36 pair of eyes look over at the cabinet door opening--a little confused and freaked out.
then, a gray, unconscious body starts to slowly fall out.

for the first millisecond, I thought that someone was popping out to scare me.
I (along with a bunch of other students) kind of let out a little yelp as I saw a body coming out.
but it didn't take me long to realize that something was wrong.
I ran over to try to catch the girl's body.

aaand, at this point you are probably JUST as confused as I was in the moment.
I brought the girl down to the ground (with 30 confused students saying, "what the heck?" "what is going on??"), and quickly realized that she had fainted.
it took awhile for her color to come back and for her not to be totally disoriented.
I kept trying to ask her questions, "why were you in the closet?" "how long have you been in there?"
(which she HAD to have been in there for at least an hour since we had been in 4th period for that long).
the office finally came with a wheelchair and wheeled her to the nurse.
apparently, she had been hiding in the cabinet for who knows how long and had gotten too hot (maybe locked her knees)? and her body fell against the door of the cabinet...and she just fell out! hahah!

and that is literally all I know about the story.
(i will keep you updated on more...ha)
the weirdest things happen as a teacher, but I think this tops everything.
(I kept telling my students that I had put her in there for "talking back to me" and that's what happens when you disobey me...HAHHA)

the poor class that witnessed "the falling body" always has the weirdest things happen during their class.
the last time I had this same class, a former student came and serenaded me on a guitar to ask me to prom. HAHA
it was sooo awkward, since he was singing a love song--that seemed to NEVER end. ha

I think I need to start writing a book about all of these experiences.
oh...the life of a teacher.
always something exciting.
every day.

^posting all about our trip to san francisco tomorrow!^

also, today, I felt a little old and almost a little nostalgic as I thought back over my 23 years.
I remember being 18 or 19, and thinking 24 sounded SO old. 
but it doesn't FEEL as old as it SEEMED back then.
does that make sense?
time is SUCH a weird thing.

while I was feeling a little "sad" on the way to work about how fast time goes, an original t-swift song from my teenage years started to play on the radio.
and it brought me back to my first "high school love."
then, song after song (all the way to work) were songs from my young teenage years!
it was like a little gift from the universe!
avril lavigne, michael buble, pink, panic at the disco---they were all bringing me back!
and it was SO fun to relive all of those memories--just from hearing a song!
 it made me realize--even though these 23 years have been fast, they have been GOOD. so good.
and I'm so grateful for each of them!

and...man, taylor's celebration of my birthday week, has been just about THE best gift ever!
he won't let me do ANY chores ALL week! 
even just getting up from bed at night to get a drink of water!
he's such a gem, such a gem.

it is a very happy wednesday, over here!
hope yours is just as marvelous!
I'm going into that cupboard now to search for narnia! ;)


  1. What the heck!?! I'd be going crazy not knowing what she was doing in there!

  2. umm ... I am so freaked out right now! . . Why would she be in your closet and has she hidden in there before?!? Sounds creepy. .
    But on another note - I know exactly what you mean about being 24. Sometimes I still feel really young. But then I'm around the young women in my ward, and I realize that they think i'm old. ha!
    It is sad/crazy how fast time goes by! I wish it would slow down just a bit.

  3. BUT WHY WAS SHE IN THE CLOSET?! Kelli, I must know. Seriously, I'm absolutely freaked out by that entire thing. I would have probably had a heart attack right there. I also know what you mean about getting older and not feeling like you're old. I'm 27!!! ALMOST 30!!! But I feel no different than when I graduated from college. Time is so strange.

  4. WHAT THE HECK?!?! I'm looking forward to knowing why the hell she was in a closet?!?!

  5. I would've fainted myself. LOL! You have an interesting teaching life for sure. LOL!

  6. ok that is seriously the strangest thing ever… ahhh! update us when you know more!!

  7. this post literally had me on the edge of my seat. WHAT IN THE WORLD. i can't wait to hear more details. that is so scary!!!

  8. Hahahahahahaha happy Birthday to Kelli, love strange girl who hides in closets!! Maybe she just really wanted to hear you teach? Probs. Hbd baby girl!

  9. Have so much fun in San Fran! It's my FAV!!!! Ps. Happy birthday!!!!

  10. I still die over this story. Seriously, what the heck? Excited to see your post about SF!

  11. OMG!!!! A body in your closet - that is seriously freaky! Can't wait to hear why...

  12. All the freakiest things happen to you in your classes! Seizures, bodies falling out of closets.... I am anxious to know what the heck she was doing in your classroom's closet, too!! I hope no foul play was going on with that poor young woman. Oh, by the way, did I mention how cool you are under pressure of serious events? Good job! Wisdom comes with age I guess. ;) I'll be 24 this year too and it feels weird to say that. So I get what you mean! Man, Taylor is such a nice guy doing all those things for you! My husband didn't even get me a cake for my first birthday when we were married. I had to get it myself. And put up decorations myself. Needless to say I'm still a little disappointed that happened. Can you tell? Haha! Anyway, happy birthday!

  13. That is crazy!! And sounds like Taylor is being extra adorable for your birthday, which is hard to do since it seems like he is ALWAYS doing adorable things for you haha :) Happy birthday week!

  14. Oh my!!! That's insane!!! Poor girl!! I want to know why she was in there too!!! Happy birthday week, sweet girl!! Here's hoping no chores continues. ;)