the cutest daddy story.

ever since we started dating, taylor would always tell me that all he wanted was a bunch of little daughters.
I kinda hated on his little dream because all I wanted was BOYS.
And then...of course, we found out baby gilby was a sweet girl, and Taylor gave me his cute half smile and wink, with a little knowing look that said, "told ya so...on our way to allll girls." hahah
It's funny, because I wanted a boy SO bad, but now that I'm having a girl, I literally cannot imagine having a boy.
I'm sold on Taylor's little all-girl-dream now.
Bring me allllll the girls.

Taylor is going to be the sweeetest daddy to our little girl.
She's already got him wrapped around her little finger.
Case in point:

The other night, we went to baby gap---such a dangerous store lately.
we promised ourselves a few weeks ago that we wouldn't buy anymore baby clothes until after our baby showers...she already has a bigger wardrobe than both of us combined! haha
so, we stupidly went into baby gap while we were at the mall (just can't help ourselves...ha), and saw this little yellow dress that we both just had all the heart-eyes for.
Like we could not get over it.
It was sooooo cute.
We pretty much dragged each other out of the store so that we wouldn't buy it and break our little "clothes promise."
That took some BIG will power not to buy that dress.

The next day, Taylor picked me up for lunch (best part of spring break=lunch dates), and when I opened the car door, I saw a gap bag on the passenger seat.
Confused, I looked at Taylor and then instantly knew what was inside that bag.
Taylor hung his head and said, "I couldn't help myself.  I was at work just thinking about that little dress, and I had to leave work and go and get it so that I could concentrate!"

That little yellow dress was inside the bag, and ohhh, it's just as cute as it was in the store.
I laughed for about 3 straight minutes just thinking of cute little taylor obsessing over the little yellow dress. haha
it is sooo sweet how much he already loves this little girl.
he has to tell her he loves her all the time, and tells her little stories, and sings her little songs.
it's the cutest.
I feel pretty dang lucky to be carrying taylor ray's little girl.

Can't wait to see him in full daddy mode.
because he will be just about the cutest little daddy to our sweet girl!


  1. Haha this is the cutest! And the dress is adorable, too :)

  2. oh my goodness. For real the sweetest story I've ever heard!!! What a good daddy already!

  3. Gahhhhh!! I can't wait until she gets here and she gets to meet both of her amazing parents!!!!

  4. I saw that dress online and literally had to force myself away from my laptop haha (I've gone crazy on buying baby clothes too...whoops!). That's the sweetest thing ever!! She's going to look adorable in it xx

  5. ugh this is the sweetest story, i am sobbing. you two are going to be the sweetest parents!

  6. AH so sweet. I love your love for that sweet baby of yours already!!!! :) and DUH you know you did well with the color choice! ;)

  7. OH MY GOSH YOU TWO STOP. The sweetest ever.