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I feel like a lot of my stories have been shared on snapchat and instagram lately...leaving this little blog of ours neglected. 
probably the ease of it all...i'm so lazy lately. hahah
also teaching AP is kinda kicking my butt with the test just around the corner...ahhh, I think I'm more nervous than they are!!

so here are a few of the stories I've been sharing on snapchat, follow me if you want:

my last spirit bowl!
all of these lasts are getting a little emotional...these students are so dang fun.

my cute running buddy from the last 3 years and I ran a little 5k together a couple of weekends ago!
I definitely slowed her down, being 30 weeks pregnant and all. HA
we don't live right next to each other anymore, and our schedules are so different now that we haven't been able to really run together for the past year.
so it's always fun when we get back together for a little run.

baby girl moves sooo much.
the only way I can get her to be calm is to go for a little daily run.
the two hours after the run, are always the calmest part of my belly's day. haha
hopefully she'll come out ready to be my little running buddy!

a 30 week bump-picture in all it's glory

For the first time in this pregnancy, I started to get sooo uncomfortable during week 30, when trying to sleep.
Luckily, I've learned a few tricks, and haven't really had too much of an issue lately.
but this night in particular had me almost in tears...I take my sleep pretty seriously.

^cute tay has learned how to build various pillow set-ups based on my discomfort. haha, I'll call him in and have him rebuild multiple times...hahaha
Luckily, this was like a one week thing...and I've been totally fine the last 2 weeks.
My trick? A fan.
No idea why.
But if I have a fan blowing on me, I can get sooo comfortable and sleep so well.
It's not like I was even dying of heat or anything...but something about the constant "touch" makes me sleep like a baby again.

31.5 week bump!

sometimes I can't help but just stare at my belly.
It's so strange, but it's also the coolest thing my body has ever done, by far.

 and let's end with possibly the best picture of mr. taylor gilbert:
that pose.
crushed it.

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