tuesday tangents

just a few tuesday tangents--with some really bad i-phone quality pictures...
taylor is trying to convince me to buy a six-acre farm.
no...really. not kidding.
the only reason that it's a liiiiiitle attractive is that the land he found is lake-front. 
taylor is constantly driving me out to the property at different times of the day and telling me all of the reasons why we would love living here. HA

never in a million years did I ever even think about living on 6 acres--but this view changes things a little bit.
but taylor has still got a lot of convincing to do if he wants me to live that far from target.
lets be real.

okay, and I must document this, so I never forget!
these windmills are up a canyon a few minutes from our home.
I don't know why they have always fascinated me, but I've told taylor since we were dating, "man, I want to have a picnic under those windmills one day."
and a couple of weeks ago, taylor surprised me by packing a picnic lunch and driving up to them.
it was perfect! and so fun!
it's all blocked off near the windmills, so this was the closest we could get--but I loved every second.
and props to taylor for making it happen!

 on friday night we went with our greatest friends to nickel-cade. we loooove that place.
and it's proof that I should never ever gamble with real money, because I'm always like, "just one more nickel."...and then 10 nickels later, "just one more! I'll win this time!"
we did boys vs. girls, and the boys killed us.
and then taylor and i used our tickets to buy "grow safari animals."
the little animals that you stick in warm water and they grow.
we were so excited to try them when we got home, but WE WERE JIPPED
not a single one grew!
it was the saddest day.

aaaand one more bad quality picture--because, why not?
last night we went to a play and laughed our little heads off.
aaaand then we snuggled for the rest of the night and enjoyed our last night together.
taylor left for boston today for a business trip--and doesn't come back until saturday.
cry with me now.
thank goodness i've packed my week with lots of fun things!

happy tuesday!


  1. I would love to live somewhere with a view like that, but I can totally relate - I can't be THAT far from a Target. Sorry I'm not sorry.

  2. I would love to live on that land!!! But I have always been a country girl at heart! Target is something I would cherish more often to live on land like that. Love Nickelcade! Makes some great date nights!

  3. Omg that 6 acre farm land would be AMAZINGGGGG. Lots of room for bloggy friends to come and hang out and have fun shenanigans! ;)

  4. Oh yay I am so glad there is another couple out there that appreciates the nickelcade like we do!

  5. HA, my husband is the exact same way! He's working his way toward becoming a doctor, but really all he wants is to farm acres and acres of beautiful land soooo far from a Target that it hurts to think about it. Your 6 acres does look like a gorgeous lake spot though. You should do it!

  6. You're the cutest. I'm glad we're friends =)

  7. What a view... maybe I could live on a farm with that view... maybe... oh who am I kidding?! I'll go on vacation to that view... ;)

  8. You guys are so dang cute. Ha I don't know if I could do a farm but that VIEW!!!!!