a film + a nest

here's a quick little peak at our halloween party last weekend!
thanks to everyone who made it such a fun time!

in other news--on saturday night, taylor and I suddenly had a genius idea--we pushed our couches together to form a little "bed," and then pushed it right up to the big screen tv.
we threw all of our pillows and blankets into our new "nest" and then giggled with giddiness at our new set up.
aaand, we have slept in our nest every night since then. HA

the first couple of nights, we binged on "love it or list it" (on netflix now!), but the last two nights, we've been reliving our childhood with disney movies. 
it's the best.

every morning, we wake up and say, "we should probably sleep in our bed tonight."
and then that night, cuddled up in our nest, we say, "one last night in the nest?"
this conversation has happened three times...
 ^also, please notice that taylor is wearing is wolf sweater. hahaha kills me^

we love our nest. haha
and pretty sure tonight will be another night cuddled in the nest.
taylor is out of town all next week for business, and i'm half tempted to keep it for when he's gone.
who needs a bed when you've got a nest? ;)


  1. BAHAHA the nest. Your Halloween party looked like a blast!

  2. Hahaha I want a nest! That sounds like the best thing!

  3. This is a genius idea. It looks unbelievably comfortable.

  4. Hahaha that is adorable! One of my favorite memories is when we moved our mattress from the loft to the living room downstairs because our air conditioning broke :) it meant TV shows all night and ice cream in bed. The best :)

  5. This is awesome! You guys are adorable! It is so fun being married!!!