this girl

today is bittersweet as my cute little sister left for the Mexico MTC to serve an LDS service mission for 18 months.
Half of me thinks 18 months will fly by--but the other half of me (the half that woke up this morning and started to text her something out of habit--and then realized, WAIT. can't.) wonders how I will live 18 months without this little sister.
but I am SO proud of her.
pittsburgh is such a lucky city!

^and this picture is just the sweetest. their missions will overlap so they won't see each other for over 30 months! can't even fathom.^

a couple of weeks ago, I got to go home to go through the temple with Jamie for the first time.
it was sooo special.
and I never posted pictures--but today seems like a pretty appropriate day to do so!

she is going to rock it.
and I am SO proud of her.
dear 18 months: please fly by so I can hug this girl again!

AND is it sad that I've already sent her 2 emails? HA
well, here we go: countdown begins!


  1. haha when my sister first left, i sent her like 7 emails a day, it was like i was dear elder-ing instead of texting her. having my sister leave was SO HARD at first, but i promise that a) it gets better and b) you can still feel close to her. i feel close to ashlyn in much deeper ways now through letter writing than when she was here. even though i miss phone calls and hanging out, our relationship is different in a better and more dynamic way. does that make sense? seeing her become this incredible woman who loves christ and works so hard and is so close to the spirit has been so rewarding as her older sister. i really wouldn't trade it. she'll be home soon & i swear to you, after the first month or two it FLIES. keep on keepin on! and seriously, when are we going to go & get ice cream?

  2. so so bittersweet!!! i can't imagine having a sis leave. i feel you a tiny bit because my parents are gone and sometimes 3 years feels like a joke how long it is! but it's the best thing possible they could be doing so i try to remember that :)
    she's lucky to have such a darling sister who misses her and writes!!

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  3. If your sister ends up in Mexico (I think that's what you meant), email me and let me know where! I have some LDS friends living there and they are THE BEST!! Xoxo