a few thoughts +high school-isms

^completely unrelated picture--but it's one of my favorites as I reminisce about summer travels and dreamy locations! and plus, what's a post without a picture? ;)^

+ I survived a week without taylor! 
it was one very happy reunion.  
His flight got in at 11pm, and I was texting him during his layover (at like 9ish), and telling him I was so excited to see him, but so very exhausted.  
I had just returned home from an 11 mile run, and had been on the go all day! 
He freaked out and told me, "kells, I have been gone ALL week! You can't be tired--we have to stay up all night watching movies and cuddling and talking! Go get an energy drink right now!"
 I don't think I've had more than a sip of an energy drink my whole life.
 I don't drink carbonated drinks + energy drinks make me want to gag. 
BUT I was so excited to see him, I ran to walgreens and bought an energy drink.
true love. 
And then downed the whole thing in less than 3 minutes. 
I was so proud (+ so sick), and I had no one to high-five.
aaand then, this happened:
when we got home from the airport, we cuddled up to The Office.
  About 10 minutes into it, I look over and Taylor is OUT COLD.
I was ticked. hahaha
I was wired (and drank that whole drink because I loved him) and he was asleep!
within ten minutes!

+tonight are parent teacher conferences
my favorite thing in the world...not!
such a long day ahead of me...BUT silver lining--we have pre-release tickets to mockingjay tonight!
pretty excited about that!

+aaand a few high school-isms.
I swear--if you want to laugh all day long, become a teacher.
these kids! they are sooo clever and witty.

in my u.s. history class, we watched this little clip on the infamous "lady spills hot coffee in her lap and sues mcdonalds" story.
we discussed the story as a class, and one kid said, "Well, you think she would know--never put something hot between your legs!"
he instantly turned bright red and put his head down, while the rest of the 16-year-old brains burst into uncontrollable laughter.

I teach one section of Financial Literacy (which somehow got stuck into the history department).
At first, I dreaded having to teach this class--but I absolutely LOVE it.
It is such a fun class--and the only class that really applies to every single one of them, so the kids are really intrigued.
Anyways, we were talking about paying for college and I said, "Let's say that you apply for a lot of scholarships, but you keep striking out.  You really don't want to take out a student loan.  You can still do what?"
One student yells out, "pray!"
I was looking for "work through college," but his answer was a lot better. ha

okay, this next one is a little long. and maybe it's a "had to be there" story--but man. It was one of my favorite moments of all teaching history:
in my financial literacy class, we read a book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad."  I was reading out loud to the class as they followed along: "In the real world outside of academics, something more than just grades is required.  I have heard it called many things: guts, balls, bravado, daring, chutzpah..." I stopped and asked, "Chutzpah? has anyone even heard that word before?" 
(I had never heard it--but when I told taylor the story, he knew the word & informed me that I was pronouncing it wrong. and then he said, "it's Yiddish, isn't it? " who is this guy?! I felt sufficiently stupid...but what else is new? ha)
 we figured "chutzpah" was synonomous with "guts, balls, bravado, and daring"--the other words listed. But we were so fascinated over this new word--it was so fun to say! ha so we decided we would use "chutzpah" in a sentence everyday for a week. I said, "Someone use it in a sentence." and of course, a boy in class says, "she kicked me in the chutzpah." hahahhaha get it?

+I was teaching my class about the building of the Panama Canal.
I was telling them how before the canal, in order for the west to get to the east, they had to go all the way around the tip of south america, adding an additional 8,000 nautical miles.
so I said, "let's pretend I was in San Francisco, and wanted to take something to Djibouti, Africa." (just because djibouti is funny to say--pronounced ja-booty)
Then one kid yells out, "Mrs. Gilbert, Djibouti is niiiiice!"
and geesh, I'm just so happy to be flattered by the 16 year olds of this world.
HA not.

to see more high-schoolisms, see here!

happy wednesday!


  1. LOL these are the best... I love my high school kids.. they are the greatest!! My favorite is the pray answer though. #winningALLOFTHEMONEYforthatanswer

    And I laughed about Taylor falling asleep on you... that definitely happens in our house too!