colorado is beautiful!

alright, I know.
It only took me a billion years to blog about colorado.
 but i haven't had a free second! it's been go-go-go.
and right now, I am sitting in an airport terminal on my way to my good ol' sacramento.

two weeks ago, we went to colorado for a masters family reunion (my mom's siblings).
we do it every three years--and holy cow, we are growing so big with all of the cousins getting married and having babies!
but us cousins have SO much fun together, and this trip was no exception!
(except for the small part when taylor got strep. ugh that really sucked. and NOW i'm sitting in the airport with a sore throat that i've had for three days now, and I'm so scared it's strep. it just keeps getting worse and worse--so insta care is on the schedule for today. awesome.)

taylor and I fell in LOVE with colorado.
it is so dang beautiful!
one of the days we were there, we all went horseback riding.
and it was one of the few days I whipped out my camera.
please drool with me over these pictures.

 ^the oldest davis sibling. she is so weird and crazy and beautiful and i just love her.^

^hey look, it's me taking a PEA in a national forest. get it? hahahah i'm dying.^

^my two favorite guys in the world. an incredible height difference, but their hearts are both pure gold!^

we went horseback riding in two separate groups since we had 30+ people.
and see those pretty rain clouds in the picture below?
when our group went out, we got stuck in the smack middle of those rain clouds.
a total downpour while we were riding.
it was so fun/funny/cold/miserable. ha!

oh, and here's me and my cute horse, pancake.
he was a gem.

taylor's horse was HUGE and sooo very naughty. haha!

don't let his cute smile fool you--he was still miserable at this point. it was the first day that he was actually on meds for his strep, but he was a champ the whole week!

I have a layover in pheonix right now.
and when i got off of the first flight, I looked at my watch and thought SHOOT.
I only have 20 minutes to get to the next terminal before my connecting flight leaves!
I BOOKED it to terminal D.
and why is terminal D so dang far!?
but I almost peed my pants because I had to go so bad.
so I stepped into a restroom and peed faster than ever.
then ran the rest of the way to terminal D.
and there was NO ONE at the gate!
and I was sure I missed my plane.
so I pulled out my phone to call taylor and then realized...DUH.
there is an hour difference here.
The flight doesn't leave for another hour.
but guess what?
that means I had time to blog!

basically I'm really excited to see my family again.
even though my throat kills.
and I'm really hungry--so I think I'm going to go kill more time to find a snack.
happy tuesday, lovelies!


  1. Looks beautiful! I've always wanted to end up in Colorado. And I've recently decided I'd love to own a horse someday. So pretty much, I love everything about this post! ;) Have fun in Sacramento!

  2. haha you're so cute! i love this! and i love your shirt in these pictures!!! i'm surprised that horse is huge because your husband makes it look small, he's SO tall!

  3. kelli you are the cutest human. seriously i just want to fold you up and put you in my pockets and take you with me everywhere. i LOVE that you loved colorado. that place is my jam! it is so beautiful. i can't wait for you to get back from sacramento so we can go on a sodalicious date.

    ps, i have that shirt. from j crew factory. but you look cuter in it ;)

  4. I'm so glad you love Colorado... it's definitely my favorite place on Earth. Your trip looks so fun!

  5. Same thing happened to me in Phoenix!!!!! Silly Arizona!!! Love the dandelion pictures AND the PEA!!