improptu family pictures

on our last day in colorado, we realized we should probably take a family picture together with all 30+ of us together!
that idea suddenly turned into pictures that lasted for an hour--with every combination of pictures possible:
grandkids, grandkids with grandma, all girls, all boys, great grandkids, everyone with the letter "K," everyone named mark
(okay, I made up the "k" one, but the "mark" one was definitely for real)

the whole group picture wasn't on my camera, so I'll have to snag that one from someone later.
but look! it's my whole little immediate family!
when i'm with these people, i'm my happiest self.

and the wonderful woman and kids who started this whole mess!
and can we stop and look at how beautiful my mom is? geesh.

then I tried really hard to get a picture of me with all of my nephews and niece.
it didn't quite work out.
but man, these kiddos are my heart.

and it's really sad that they don't look happy to be taking this picture with me.
but also, let's talk about how awesome it is to be an aunt.
I get to play with them and then hand them over when they stink or start to cry.

^all of the great-grandkids right now are just from my siblings. but these boys and this girl are just too much.
^sisters! and if chris ever finds someone to marry him, we'll get a SIXTH! does life get more fun?

oh, and then this couple here:
didn't mean to wear the same color pants.
oh well.
i like this picture anyway.

hey family! i love you bunches!

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  1. adorable! I absolutely love family pictures. much to the dismay of my husband :)