colorado photo dump!

apparently I only blog in airport terminals now!
but oh my, how I wish I was back in beautiful colorado instead of this stinky terminal at the moment! 
look at that view!

the next couple of weeks are going to be CRAZY.
We will be flying to four different cities all before school starts in three weeks!
sacramento was a dream! 
I was actually there for business, but it was a huge perk spending time with my family while I was there.
but I can't tell you how excited I am to be reunited with my best friend tonight.

like i've mentioned before, we had SO much fun in colorado!
it helps when your family is straight incredible.
so here's a giant photo dump of some of our time in colorado!

my heart melted a million times watching taylor with my nieces and nephews.
our littles will have just about the sweetest dad ever.

a majority of the week consisted of us playing games.
we are a HUGE game family.
and my favorite game?
glow-in-the-dark capture the flag...in the middle of the night, in the middle of the forrest.
and I might have peed my pants from being so scared a few times...because how do you know if the noises you hear coming towards you are a bear or a person?
but no one was eaten by a bear during the game, so that was nice.

^oh, and blow darts with pvc pipes is just about the most fun thing you can do with a huge group of people and a huge group of trees^

^we learned this trip that our dad is a master frisbee thrower.  he tried to teach us girls for about an hour. we sucked. actually...marci caught on after awhile. but then I broke the frisbee. so there's that.

^is this not the most beautiful spot on earth? I think it might be where adam and eve's first baby was born. so much love in the air. you could feel it.

on our last night in colorado, all 30 of us headed to boulder.
we walked the cutest streets and then had mediocre pizza.
but hey. there were 30 of us. so the company definitely made up for the less-than-fantastic-pizza.

^almost all of us!

oh colorado, you were beautiful and serene and everything I want in life.
actually, right now, all I want is for my plane to arrive 30 mins early so that I can see my taylorray 30 mins early.
and also, if i'm wishing for things, maybe an in-n-out burger would be nice too?