sisters galore

the last couple of days, i have been spending precious time with my favorite little family from kansas.
my sister and her family came to utah for a few days.
we have been having such a fun time.
I can't tell you how much I just want to squeeze all of these babies 24/7.

and my other sister, marci, decided last minute to bring her family to utah for the 4th!
taylor's family is BIG on the 4th.
it's kind of like their christmas? ha
so I'm so excited that marci&fam will get to be part of the festivities.
it's going to be one great holiday.
because seriously.
look how perfect she is.
and that BOY.
I love him to pieces.

next week we are having a huge family reunion in colorado.
and the four davis sisters will be reunited for the first time in 2 years.
i could not be more excited.
i guess i should be excited that our two brothers will be there too.
so maybe i should have said that the 6 davis sibs will be reunited for the first time in 2 years?
but i think the sisters are most excited...ha!

for those interested!
i have been looking for some simple summer t-shirts for awhile now.
and look what I found on victoria's secret last night!
on sale for $7.99!

on sale for $6.99!

+various colors in both!
i'm hoping that they fit as good as they look!
but I ordered a few and thought I would share--because that's a steal in my eyes.

and i apologize for being MIA in june. 
I'm hoping july fares a little better blog-wise.
so basically. to sum up.
summer is good.
I love my sisters
and my brothers.
and I guess my mom and dad too.

oh, and america.
happy 4th tomorrow!


  1. Those t shirts are perfect, gotta love VS -- especially on clearance!! Yay! Enjoy your 4th :)

  2. you and your sisters are all so cute! How fun you got to hang out with them!

  3. Haha have so much fun being with your sisters! And the rest of your family, too, I suppose ;)