little things + a video!

once again, I am linking up with Jess for the little things link up.  I LOVE this series!

Last weekend, my utah siblings drove down to our lovely sacramento to surprise my mom for her 50th birthday.
my dad had the cutest idea to make 50 surprises for her on her birthday weekend.
there were envelopes labeled: #1-50; she would open an envelope and find out the next surprise! 
(us arriving, presents, picnic, spa-time, etc.)
This video was SO fun to make, because it made me realize, once again, how important family is.
I sure love mine--and I'm grateful for the little weekend we had together to celebrate such a wonderful mother!
 breaking out in the frozen soundtrack
or playing games 24/7
or talking in weird voices
or teasing each other relentlessly--
are just a few of the little things I love about being home!

enjoy another home video!


  1. I mean, these are just the sweetest videos!! What camera do you use to film? and edit!?

  2. What a cute and creative idea! That video was so sweet!

  3. such a cute idea & video! i loved it

  4. That is a very sweet idea! Love the video.

  5. I love it, you did awesome! What camera do you use to shoot and programs for editing?