a recommendation from me to you

I have a very serious recommendation for you.
one that should not be taken lightly.
you need to stop everything you are doing right now and order this game.

it's called pandemic.
and it is one of the best games I've played in a long time.
and that's saying something--taylor and I have a major board game collection.
the best part about the game is that everyone is on the same team!
mine and taylor's new tradition is to play a round every night before bed.
we are just a taddd obsessed.

I hope you are realizing the importance of this recommendation:
I mean, c'mon--I'm dedicating a whole blog post to this!
plus, I even went through the trouble of pulling out my real camera (as opposed to the little i-phony-phone) to get a real nice picture complete with background blur.
(I even changed camera lenses for you, so I could get the best possible shot!)
do you understand the seriousness of this!?

and gosh, if you're not going to order it, then come over and play with me and taylor so we can get you addicted.
even if you live out of state.
it will be worth the plane ticket price.
...but then I guess you could just buy the game yourself and save money.
I'm just trying to give you some options.
because I care so much about this game being a part of your future.
i know, i know. thank me later. I'm too nice.

because. like. for REAL.
get this game.

how nerdy do you think I am now?
that's okay--your judgements are probably accurate.

oh and p.s. for all of the people who commented on my last blog post, I promise to post pictures/updates of our 1920s class party!
p.s.s. my laundry machine buzz just sounded. I groaned and collapsed onto the island--misjudged, and smacked my forehead on the granite counter.
just now. it happened. and my head really hurts.
but not as much as my physical abhorrence to laundry.
why do I hate laundry so much?
someone come fold my clothes with me.
oh yeah. and buy pandemic.


  1. T & his brothers love that game! It seems like co-op games are really popular right now. But I'm not going to buy it FYI. Come play Libertalia with us! PS YAY can't wait to see pictures of your par-tay!

    1. I do miss libertalia! why won't you buy it!? it's worth it. next time we come down, we will bring it and watch the boys play together.

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  3. Girlfriend! My husband and I love board games... We will have to try this one - I love the idea of being on the same team (when it comes to games, we can get quite competitive)!! Xo

    1. we get sooo competitive too! so it's fun to be on the same team!

  4. Oh man I'm going to have to find this game! Hubs and I love board games and this one looks super fun!

  5. this reminds me of settlers of catan? (Sp?) is it?! this looks exciting!! i wish we had board game friends. and room to play them. LOL

  6. My sis-in-law introduced us to this game! We LOOOOVE it too!!!! We should play it together sometime!

    1. isn't it the best!? we totally need to get together and play it!

  7. Never even heard of it! My hubby isn't much of a game person...he'd rather be outside doing something! But, maybe I can talk him into it one day!

  8. You are seriously just the cutest! Love board games too. Looks like I will have to be ordering this now ;)
    xo TJ