Taylor and I drove down with my utah-siblings to sacramento for the 3-day weekend.
I had to keep it a big secret (I so badly wanted to blog about how excited we were to go!), because we were surprising my mom for her 50th birthday!
I have lots to post about our fun weekend--more pictures (and videos!) to come!
But the weekend mostly consisted of:
games, games, games
holding my cute new nephew 24/7 (how good do I look with that baby!?)
laughing with the siblings
celebrating my mom's birthday--who is the prettiest, most fashionable 50-year-old I know.
And double birthday! Celebrating my little sister's birthday too!
beautiful weather
staying up way too late
getting up way too early
breaking out in the frozen soundtrack all weekend long
(we are disney-lovers)
aaaand lots and lots of yummy food!

So that's why I've been MIA!
I promise to have a real post all about our trip this week!
But for now--hope you all had a wonderful three-day weekend and the loveyyyyist valentine's day of all!


  1. I keep checking in to see if you've posted about valentine's day yet since I know how much you love this holiday! Ha. So glad you got to visit Sacramento. I'm itching to get out of here for a weekend!

  2. Awwww! That is such a great surprise! And you do look pretty darn cute holding that baby!!

  3. Aww, I love surprises like this one! I have been thinking about planning a surprise trip home... my mom would love it!

  4. About a week ago me and Lexi went to the Frozen Sing-a-long in theatres and it was the best thing I've ever done and also there was a family there and the dad and mom sing everything and I was so warm and giddy. I cannot wait for futur posts!

  5. Yay for so many birthdays and beautiful weather. My favorite things :)