the days we were at sea

the last two days of the cruise were days at sea.
It was so relaxing and fun--heck, the whole trip was relaxing and fun!

The girls did NOT plan to all wear the same color.  We could not stop laughing at how matchy matchy we were--on complete accident!

Gilbert siblings!

the day I found out there was a kids menu at dinner was the best day ever.
I am so the opposite of fancy-smancy.
I would have two bites of the french named dinner and then just wait for dessert.
and then I found out about this gem:

And I was SO happy!
Grilled cheese, fries, and mac&cheese?
Yes, please!!

Oh, and you better believe Regan and I had chocolate milk every night for dinner.
By the third night, our waiter had it waiting for us on our table before we got there! ha!

this was my view for the last two days. 
I can't even tell you how amazing this was.

Okay, now two hundred pictures in the same spot--because I couldn't just choose one!

I have no idea what I'm doing here...gang signs? 

Yep, it was the most fantastic week in the world!
Thanks Mom and Dad Gilbert!

Now we are dying for summer to come!


  1. kelli. i just love your dress!!! (the purple one) its so fancy and cute! i have such a hard time finding modest cute dresses these days. yay you! :)

  2. AHH I'm in love with your whole vacay and with you and with your NUDE PUMPS!!! Give them to me...they look too big in your picture with Regan anyway bahaha :] Anyway...I'm obsessed with you guys.