the day we went to the Cayman Islands

Our second stop was the beautiful Cayman Islands!
Papa Gilbert chartered a private boat to take us around the Cayman Islands.
It was so magical and breathtaking!
We were able to snorkel, swim with sting rays, cruise the islands--it was perfect!

The houses along the ocean were stunning.  Taylor and I have a goal to have a home in the cayman islands one day!

 My cute sister in law :)

Our boat driver took us to the most beautiful sandbar.  You could walk far out into the ocean and still just be a few inches in water--and then at the end of the sandbar, it just dropped off into the deep ocean.    
It's one of those "had to be there" things--pictures do not do justice to how unique this place was.

Taylor's cute grandparents :)

I love these next few shots of the Gilbert brothers.

I sure do love these cute (and fashionable--look at those ray bans!) parents!

We ended the evening by playing some ping-pong on the ship.

I am already dying--regular life is so boring compared to cruise life.
I can't wait for spring break--and cruise round TWO!
I am seriously addicted to cruising now.

And my wonderful tan is already starting to fade into the Utah snow. :(

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  1. Your outfit in the last picture = CUTEST! Are those jeans? capris? shorts? Where are they from? I NEED them! hahha