The cutest card

Last Sunday, Taylor gave me the sweetest, funniest, and cutest card.
Let me preface this by saying that he had BIG help from his sweet and crafty mom.
(after seeing these pictures, you will see the mom-touch to it ;))

I couldn't help but laugh the whole way through--but the sentiment behind it was so sweet and touching, that I had tears in my eyes at the same time.

(for Christmas, Taylor's aunt gave us the SOFTEST blanket.  We call it "the lamby blanket." And we always fight over it. ha)

 (okay...I stink like a fish and a skunk!? geesh...the truth is coming out ;))

Isn't that the cutest card?
I died.

Oh, and here's the back!

Thank you to both my wonderful mother-in-law and my adorable husband for crafting this gem!

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