Five days!

Five days until...
Which means...five days until I leave on cruise #2!
This cruise will be with my parents, little sister (not so little anymore...she's 18 now!), and little brother!
Taylor couldn't come because he couldn't miss any more school (he doesn't get a spring break). :(

Am I so mean for leaving my husband? ha
I figured I'd be at home all week by myself anyways--since he has work and school.
So why not cruise instead!?
The only bummer is no communication.
I'm going to try to facetime him on the islands though.

This week is going to be such a busy week!
Tonight we are going with our FHE group to Leatherbys...YUM!
Tomorrow night we are going to the temple with the Mckees.
Wednesday night we have mutual (church youth activity).
Thursday night we are going on a double date in Salt Lake City. :)
And Friday night...I leave for sunny California!

And in between that I will have to pack and prepare to be gone for a whole week!
I'm kind of overwhelmed just thinking about it!
But too excited to be stressed!

Okay...this picture has nothing to do with anything.
I found it on my phone, and I have no idea where we were when we took it!
Ha...but what's a blog post without a picture these days? ;)

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