I'm 22 and I went on a field trip today!

First things first...if you know me well enough, you may have caught my small mistake in the title of this post.
I'm not 22...I'm 21.
But I thought I'd leave it to prove how brain-dead I am at the moment.
After writing it, I literally sat here for 30 seconds, trying to figure out if I was 21 or 22.
(I even sat and did the math from my birthday...pathetic)
I remember being younger and not understanding how my mom would have to "think" about how old she was.  My little self used to always think, how do you not know!? I know how many months and days until my next birthday!
And now...at the ripe age of 21 (or 22?) I now understand.
Sorry for judging, mama. ;)

Anyways! The reason of this post!
Today I led my first field trip (all by myself!) for my two government classes.
I had 3 awesome dads who came and helped chaperone--so grateful for awesome parents.
I was so nervous last night, I could hardly sleep.
What if something goes wrong?
What if I lose a student?
I'm a stress case...clearly.

I got to work extra early this morning to lay everything out.
We left at 9am.
To the Utah capitol we go!

One small hiccup:
Our tour started at 10am.
When I got there, they said they had no tour listed for my school.
What!? I scheduled this in NOVEMBER, and even got an email confirmation!
I started panicking--what am I going to do with all of these students and no tour!?
Then one of the employees offered to give us a tour (even though she normally doesn't).
Saving grace, I tell you!
And some serious answers to the prayers I said all last night and all this morning asking for things to run smoothly--don't you love when that happens?

So, we got the tour!
It was awesome.
Thanks to some major digging and asking around--we got 2 PRIVATE tours not open to the public!
One to the capitol basement.
One to the Utah Emergency Quarters (wrong name--something close to that).
One of my student's grandpa works there--connections! Love it.
That place was so cool.
We got a picture with our representative.
We got recognized on the House floor.
And the whole House applauded my little class for coming.
Oh...and my students convinced me to be in a Harlem Shake Video in front of the capitol.
All in all, I felt pretty successful by day's end.
Plus, the students loved it!

Yep..I am the one on the very right...and yep, I am shorter than all of my of students.

Whew! Glad that is over. :)

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  1. Seriously, you're adorable. And I absolutely love your outfit!! Hope you're doing well Kelli.