such is life.

sooo, in my last post I talked about little phillip being sick.
looks like he shared that little virus with me (HELLOOO walking pneumonia...whiiiile pregnant, aka NO medicine relief). HA
I've been sick as a dog for the last 2 weeks.
The first week was marci's second week here, so it was kinda the worst timing ever.
I tried soooo hard to still have fun with her and enjoy her visit, but I was so miserable.
I pretty much lied in bed all day and then pushed myself to do things with her at night.

The Saturday that Marci left, Taylor (who was also sick) and I literally did not leave our bed for 24 hours. 
we binged watched on fuller house and were even those gross people who ate all of their meals in bed.
it was bad, people. ha

I also thought I was getting the flu on top of the pneumonia.
I FINALLY figured out that the cough medicine I was on was making me nauseous and making me throw up every two hours after taking it.
so dr. said no more cough medicine because of baby.
once I stopped taking that, I at least didn't have "flu symptoms" anymore.
but that was a pretty miserable 2 days.

since I missed 3 days of work last week, I couldn't bring myself to miss anymore this week.
So I was finally back with all of my students this week...which was great, because I missed them...but also reallyyy hard to make it all day when I felt so horrible.
After dinner every day this week, I went straight to bed and slept for 12 hours.
And then I would wake up, and be upset about still feeling horrible.
aaaaand twice (TWICE) I threw up on myself in the car on my way to work from coughing so hard.
So that was reallyyyyy great.
TENDER mercy was that my hair was in a ponytail both times so I didn't have to wash my hair out after already having to turn around and race home to change.

so yeah. it's been a really, really fun 2 weeks.
I miss having a life and doing real things. ha
but, a few updates on things other than being sick!

on valentine's weekend, we found this little treat on our garage door!
so, taylor read a few of them and came inside and said, "I think your students heart attacked our garage."
I went out and started reading them, and thought, "yep, definitely some of my students."
but then...it started to become clear that it was actually from people in our ward.
and I was SO confused because the first hearts I read were legitimate inside jokes with some of my students...so I still feel like it's kinda an unsolved mystery haha
But I finally brought myself to take them down yesterday--they were just so cheery to come home to, I couldn't bring myself to take them down any earlier!

and let's talk about how uncle taylor is seriously the best uncle there is!
he loves these little guys sooo much.
I found footsie pajamas at Macy's (of all places!) for $85 and they were on sale for $11!! 
So I jokingly asked taylor if we should get them and he immediately jumped on the idea so he could match with phillip's footsie pajamas. HA
^and here are my three little loves, all eating peanut butter by the spoonful.^

AND he crocheted this beautiful blanket for little zoe!
taylor pretty much masters a new hobby every month...he has hobby-lust (if that's even a real thing).
The funny thing is I bet that there will never be another blanket made...aka little zo got one, and our girl probably won't. HA
because we allll know she isn't getting a handmade blanket from yours truly.

I'm really really really hoping to feel 100% after this weekend.
If I don't, I might cry some more.
being sick while pregnant is seriously the absolute WORST!
luckily baby girl has kept me company and been so nice to me.
and my sweet taylor has taken care of me and cuddled me and put up with my "all-night-coughing."

here's to a relaxing weekend in hopes of getting better real soon! 


  1. Man that sounds SO rough! I really hope you get feeling better!! :)

  2. I'd say if you throw up because of coughing you should return home not to change, but to change into pyjamas and stay in bed until you're properly well again!

  3. Oh my goodness, you poor thing!! Being that sick during pregnancy must be awful! I hope you start feeling better soon xx

  4. I have hobby lust, too. It's TOTALLY a thing. Hope you feel better!