27 weeks.

27 weeks pregnant as of yesterday!?
I never thought I'd get here. ha!
I literally just realized I am in the third trimester...what the.
Like how is this even possible?
It's funny how much the smallest compliment means when you're pregnant.
two girls told me last night, "We want to look just like you when we're pregnant!"
and I wanted to cry and kiss them right there.
and the other day, someone commented my pony tail, and I treasured that comment all day long. haha
pregnancy is so weird. ha

This week I had my first "labor dream."
I don't really remember much of it other than meeting our baby, and it was the happiest little moment ever!
oh, and also...somehow, taylor couldn't make it out of bed to come to the delivery, but my sister made it from california...sooooo, dream-taylor really needs to work on his priorities.
taylor always says, "I always know when dream-taylor has made an appearance because he never behaves himself, and then you are mad at me the next morning." HAHA

After waking up, I was suddenly just soooo excited.
I mean, we've always been excited, but before it was "we are so excited we are pregnant/can't believe we are going to have a baby" excitement.
and this week it has shifted to, "I am so excited to HAVE this baby and MEET this baby!"

We made our first big baby purchase yesterday!
stroller + a carseat!

I actually ended up finding a KILLER deal on accident.
Some girl was selling her uppababy vista stroller + carseat + with the rumble seat + scooter board + all the other pieces for only $500!!! Which was less than we had budgeted for a carseat and stroller originally!
We were planning to buy the britax because it was more in our price range, but when I saw I could be an uppababy mom!? YES PLEASE
I am seriously in love.
it is the nicest nicest nicest thing EVER
and I suddenly knew I had joined a whole new club when I was sooo excited over a stroller purchase. hahah
I actually had tried a bunch of strollers out with my sister over at the baby cubby (a little baby store), and we both were amazed at the uppababy, but both were like, "over $1000 on a stroller!? AH" once you add up all of the extra pieces, it's like $1500!
but then the heavens parted for me!
I still can't get over my luck.

On the way home from buying the stroller, I was turning to look in my blind spot and I saw the carseat in the backseat, and something just HIT me.
It felt so real all of the sudden seeing that little carseat back there.
I couldn't help but tear up for a minute...everything seemed so surreal, and yet so pure.
I don't even know how I got so lucky to be living this little life.
If I could go back in time and shake my 16-17 year old self, I would tell her so many things:
"Stop crying over that dumb boy! You're going to marry THE BEST guy there ever was!"
"Stop worrying so much about the future! IT ALL WORKS OUT!"
"Stop trying to impress people that don't matter! Just focus on improving yourself to impress that one special person that you're going to meet in just a few years!"
"Stop judging yourself! Comparison is the absolute thief of joy, and you are just fine the way you are now!"
(this all reminds me of this post I wrote a few years back)
I just really can't believe we will be welcoming our little baby girl in just a few short months.
Last night, Taylor was having trouble falling asleep.
I woke up about an hour after falling asleep myself, and asked if he was okay, and he said, "I think I'm just too excited about becoming a daddy to our little girl to fall asleep."
cutest thing ever. haha

alsoooo this has been our life this week:
we have been stuffing envelopes every day from 5pm-midnight.
it's monotonous as heck, but great money.
and I have a problem of never being able to turn down an opportunity to make more money. HA
we are putting all of the money we make straight into our "baby chick fund." more goodies for little girl!
plus, taylor's sister and some of our other friends are there with us, so it's really not too bad.
...and sometimes mama gilbert brings us yummy baked goods ;)
And they told us they had more for us to do next week...which made me want to cry with dread because NO WAY I AM SO DONE STUFFING ENVELOPES.
but at the same time...just.can't.say.no.to.money.
and so, you can find us there all next week, too.

needless to say, I'm pretty exhausted today:
1. waking up at 6:30 and teaching all day.
2. working from 5pm-midnight
3. END OF TERM is today

the other day, I snapped at taylor, and a few hours later I said something about end of term, and taylor said, "OH! It all makes sense now! That's why you are so grouchy! I totally forgive you now...just not all of your students for making me live through kelli-is-super-grouchy-and-mean-during-end-of-term-week."
HAHA but at least I get a pass on my "grouchiness" this week ;)

we are picking out paint colors for the nursery this weekend, and we could not be more excited!


  1. I can't help but be soap for you after reading this! I'm so happy for you!!! You don't know me, but somehow I stumbled upon your blog a while ago, and I love to read it but I hardly ever ever ever comment on anyone's blogs. So I'm just stopping by to say hi, and good luck with everything :)

  2. Not be soap for you.. Be SO happy for you! Lol.....

  3. My husband says the same thing when I have dreams about him! He is always a jerk in my dreams so I wake up made at him. Haha! Also that is such an amazing deal on that stroller! I am super jealous.

  4. Hey stuffing envelopes doesn't sound like a such a bad deal to make a little extra cash! I need to get in on that, haha. I am glad that I am not the only one who gets ornery and occasionally snaps at my husband! It usually has to do with work, too. Whoops. Anyway, congrats on getting that killer deal on your stroller, that is super lucky and awesome!

  5. Yay for snagging a awesome stroller deal!!! LOL at dream Taylor being the misbehaving Taylor!! That's hilarious!!! Yay for end of term AND making $$!!

  6. YAY for a good deal on a stroller! I have NO idea how much that stuff costs but I trust your judgement! I bet that makes it so real that in just a matter of a couple months you'll be MEETING baby girl! Eek! You guys are going to make amazing parents.

    Also? Freaking LOVE that little paragraph to your 16 yr old self. I actually have a draft in Blogger with a letter to my teenage self. Makes me emotional, haha!