baby update.

I am definitely feeling a lot better from the last time I posted!
I still have a little bit of a lingering cough, but the doctor told me to expect that for another 2-3 weeks. awesome.
26.5 week bump!

baby girl is seriously sooo active.
I guess I don't have much to compare her to, but it seems like she is moving constantly.
After a 2 week break of running (due to my walking pneumonia), I was finally back to it last week!
And it is the best thing ever. I've missed it so much!
I'm definitely slower and not able to run as far (mostly because I have to pee SO BAD once I start running...baby pushing on your bladder WHILE running is no joke), but the few miles I'm able to get in every day are the biggest treat to my day.
hoping to keep running as long as I can!
I'm also lucky enough to be able to walk the school track during my lunch and get an extra 2 mile walk in during the middle of my day. LOVE it.

the only new symptoms I've experienced are:
1. being even more limited on what cupboards/shelves I can reach.
(maybe this isn't a symptom...but definitely not something I ever thought about haha)
the belly is making me feel even shorter!
 it bumps against the counter so I can't reach as "high" as I used to...and I was already limited in that area!
sooo taylor is having fun with my requests to get anything down that is higher than the first shelf in the cupboard. HA

HOLY COW. I've literally never had one in my entire life.
and suddenly, it will happen in the middle of my sleep and I literally scream out in pain while taylor massages it.
and it's so bad that my whole calf is SO SORE the whole next day.
I've been loading up on bananas and banana shakes and it has helped sooo much.

other than those two new things, I have felt sooo great.
I can no longer have soda because of my acid-reflux issue...so goodbyeee sodalicious addiction. ha
which is so funny because I literally haven't had carbonated drinks in maybe 3-4 years, but I seriously CRAVED soda the first part of my pregnancy.
so weird to crave something that you don't even like/remember what it tastes like. haha
but now I'm back to zero carbonation because of how badly it makes my acid reflux act up.

I've also been on a zero sugar challenge.
which will last either until easter orrrr end of pregnancy if I can make it ;)
I do allow myself one tiny dessert on Saturday night (which I usually end up foregoing anyways).
but it's been surprisingly easy since I usually just want fruit all day, every day.

I also had my first experience with a pregnancy comment from someone that seemed a little less than considerate.
I've always heard stories of people saying things to pregnant women and not considering how it would come off...and I hadn't experienced it myself until this last week.
I'm sure it was not intentionally mean, but it was my first "ouuuuch...uhhh okay?? how do I even respond to that?" experience.

taylor and I have sooo much fun talking about baby girl, feeling her move, and dreaming of what our future holds.
we feel so so so lucky to be in this stage in our lives.
the other night we were having dinner in our kitchen (in the house we still find sooo dreamy) and taylor and I just couldn't stop talking about how we have been so blessed.
we are in love with our little life!

alsooo two high schoolisms:
1. I was passing out tests the other day and said, "okay kiddies, here are your testies!"
and of course...they immediately started giggling.
second set for a few of them, and a first set for others. HA
i've actually made that exact mistake a few years ago...you'd think I would learn.

2. Today, I was trying to think of the word "dictatorial" and I said (to a group of 16 year olds), "What's that word...dic-dic...dic something?"
aaaand helloooo giggles.
they seriously keep me on my toes...but I somehow still manage to make mistakes on the daily with my words.
man, I'm going to miss these kids.

Happy Monday!


  1. Loving that gorgeous prego bump my friend - and so glad you are on the mend! I am also in love with your life x

  2. Love your update! Cute as ever, momma! Love you!

  3. Aren't the leg cramps so bad?! And so unexpected too when they happen you can't help but scream/cry lol. I live on Tums because of the reflux - there's not much you can do when there are feet in your stomach! Glad to hear you are feeling better! xo

  4. You and your baby bump are just too cute, friend! Charley horse cramps suck. I had them awful with Boston. The next day I could barely put my foot down because my calf would still feel constricted. & acid reflux is horrible. Zantac 150 was my best friend for that. But don't worry, that baby will come out with hair because of it. Promise!

  5. You look so cute!!! And love those cabinets... And allll the sonogram pictures!!! Oh 16-year-olds... LOL!!

  6. Okay a few things. You are freaking ADORABLE as ever. I am obsessing over that grey dress! Charlie horses are the WORST. I've been lucky in life and have only gotten a small handful and they are not something I remember fondly on.

    Look at you being so active! So proud of you! I've been going to the park on my breaks to get my steps in and its paying off big time! I'm able to get a couple miles in that hour!

    ALSO in high school I totally called someone a testie, and it was a total accident. Needless to say he never let me forget it, LOL!