whirlwind week

sooo this last week was just one crazy thing after the other!
My best friend/sister has been planning to visit for the last couple of months.
and we have been sooooo excited for her trip down!
so her and her three littles and my little brother arrived on Friday night.
marci came in just in time to enjoy the last bit of annual galentines!
(and this is the only picture I have...ha)
we decorate sugar cookies and make cards for our sweeties and just talk about all things that shouldn't be talked about in public. hahah

 a few minutes after arriving, marci and chris realized that somewhere along the 10 hour drive from Sacramento to Provo, they had LOST my little brother's suitcase. HA
Like this is a BIG suitcase--they are staying for over 2 weeks!!

So they immediately started calling places they had stopped.
They thought they had perhaps taken the suitcase out of the car while unloading kids, and somehow it didn't get back in the car.
So all Saturday was spent getting Chris all of the necessities he would need for the next two weeks.
While praying fervently that his suitcase would eventually show up!

Then, Sunday night, Jack Jack, Marci's three-year-old was having crazy asthma attacks: combine Utah's bad air, altitude, and his cough from his cold.
So Marci and I took him into the doctor on Monday morning to get him some help.
And on top of that, poor Marci was suffering from dry socket from her wisdom teeth procedure from the week before.
She scheduled an emergency appointment on Monday here in Utah so she could get some relief.
BUT as soon as we got home from taking Jack to the doctor, we found Phillip (two year old) lying in bed and just BURNING up.
his temperature was 104!
So then we decided to take the second little guy into the doctor.

As soon as the nurses started to take his pulse/ox levels, marci and I could tell they were concerned.
His oxygen was sooo low.
The nurse practitioner came in and gave little Philly oxygen.
After calling in a second opinion, the doctor decided to send us straight to the hospital.
and he didn't want phillip to be off of the oxygen for even the car ride, so we had to take the oxygen with us in the car.
 ^little phillip and his mittens that he didn't want to take off^

 The next thing we knew, little Phillip was being admitted to the hospital, and within a few hours and lots of tests later, we learned that he had severe bacterial pneumonia, and one of his lungs had collapsed.
^so sad.^
hospital gowns should never need to be made that tiny!
so for the next few days, we were all scrambling to figure out schedules since Marci had to be in the hospital with phillip, but still had a 3 year old and a nursing 8 month old (and her husband was on a business trip, so couldn't even come down!).
And Jack's asthma attacks definitely added to the fear of being the "parents" at home.
but we are so lucky to have the family we do!
we had four of six siblings nearby, so we all pitched in to help our sweet sister and nephew.
the next few days were full of hospital visits and little sleep.
the doctors kept giving bad news about phillip and how long he would have to stay.
but suddenly, on wednesday, he started to take a really positive turn!
and the doctors were SO amazed.
they just kept saying how remarkable it was that he was doing as good as he was, when they expected him to be in the hospital through the rest of the week.
^so happy to have my silly phillip boy back!!^
to all of our surprise, the doctors released him yesterday afternoon!!
We've been keeping a close little eye on him and the other two (because they actually might have pneumonia too...geesh ha).

but today we are so excited to finally have FUN on our trip and get started on our to-do list that is a mile long of fun plans.
marci was just a doll and brought me sodalicious during my lunch yesterday.
always a good day when sodalicious is involved.
and that's one of the things on our list: introduce marci to sodalicious/get marci addicted to sodalicious.
well on our way.

so this weekend we will be making up on lost time.
THANK GOODNESS they are staying for a full two weeks so we still have another week to enjoy life instead of being sad in hospital rooms.

OH. and the suitcase mystery was solved yesterday!!
someone found it, and they thought it was a BOMB!! hahahaha
so that's a fun story...
but the suitcase is back with my parents in california! HOORAH!

today will be a happy friday INDEED!


  1. Oh man, what craziness! Doesn't this make you excited to have kids, Kel? ;)

    P.S. What is Sodalicious? I am imagining it is like a 'Create Your Own Soda' kind of place!

  2. Man what bad luck!! I'm glad everything is starting to look up though :) Hope everyone gets/stays healthy!

  3. So glad that Phillip is on the mend. That's so sad and so scary.