Hawaiian sunset!

another hawaii picture dump!

^dinner by the sea every night was so fun!^

one of our favorite activities was going down to the beach at night, and watching the locals surf.
the waves were HUGE the week we were there (even the locals couldn't believe it!), because of a hurricane coming in the next week.

^notice the "keep out" HA^

 you just really can't beat a hawaiian sunset!

so taylor kind of had a rough week while we were in hawaii--but he was such a trooper!
first, he cut his toe on a rock.
then, he stepped on a sea porcupine...and we spent forever trying to get needles out of his toe!
then he got a little sunburned, and accidentally handed me conditioner instead of lotion to put on his skin, which resulted in a chemical burn on his skin. ....whoops. (in my defense...that's what he handed me!!)
and then he got a bee sting. HA

but all in all, the week was SO great.
such a fun way to wave goodbye to summer!
speaking of rough days, yesterday, taylor came into the house with paint all over his hands.
I looked closer and realized his phone was cradled in his hands!
He ran over to the sink while saying angrily, "I dropped a paint can on the driveway and it exploded.  Then, I went to pick it up and my phone fell out of my shirt pocket and straight into the paint!"
...let's just say, he wasn't too happy. HA
so I took his phone and started cleaning it out (p.s. he just dropped his phone the week before and it shattered like crazy).
I finally said, "Okay, tay...take a deep breath. We are going to drop off your phone to get cleaned and fixed, and then get you some yummy food.  Will that make today better?"
...and I was really hoping he would say yes because I reallyyyy didn't want to cook. HA

then when we went outside to get in the car, I started laughing SOOOO hard when I saw the spilled paint everywhere on the driveway. HAHAHAH it is seriously so funny now that his phone is nice and fixed. 

one more hawaii picture dump to come!


  1. LOL I can't imagine Taylor ever getting mad! Glad you could save his phone!! I am in total agreement over Hawaiian sunsets!! Jealous!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I swear we truly have the same lives sometimes. EVERY STINKIN' TIME Caleb and I take a big vacation/trip together, he gets insanely sick, or extremely sunburned. Ear infection one time, sun poisoning another, food poisoning another time, etc., I feel so bad. We swear he has a curse. I'm praying whenever we decide what we do with our vacay days this Winter will break the streak! ;)

    ANYWAY! Your Hawaii pictures are amazing. I need to visit!!

  3. Oh my goodness. Those sunset pictures make me want to book a trip to Hawaii immediately. I have been twice and I still dream about going back. Poor Taylor and his no good very bad days. You are a sweet wife for making it all better for him.

  4. Looks like such a fun trip, very jealous over here!

  5. This post makes me feel so bad for Taylor hahahha