we had SUCH a blast in hawaii.
I feel so behind in blogging, so I think my hawaii posts will mostly be picture dumps.
there is some sort of psychological insurance about putting pictures up on a blog--I'm not quite so paranoid about "losing pictures." so, I've got to get these up before I stress out over them suddenly "disappearing." it's a real fear, I tell ya.
I lost a whole card of pictures once...and ever since then, I've been suffering from PTSD.

we went to hawaii (kona) with taylor's brother and his wife.
it was so fun to spend time together!
and even though we always forgot to bring a condo key with us almost every time we left the condo (which resulted in rock, paper, scissors over who had to climb up and over the second story deck to open the back door and let everyone in), it was pretty fun being the "grown-ups" and calling the shots (the only vacation us four have been on together without mom and dad gilbert!)

so here are a few piccy pics of hawaii!
^seth was awesome and upgraded us to a mustang convertible for the week. it was SO fun!^

on the way to the beach one day, we spotted a cave on the side of the road. it was sooo cool!

 ^look how spooky that is. kelsey is out there. but it almost looks like its the end of the world or something. HA

and of course, the beaches were beautiful!

 places you must eat at in kona:
kona brewery co (best pizza)
mike's pretzels (soft pretzels by the weirdest guy that is probably high 99% of his live)
lava java (cinnamon rolls are to die for, and super good hot chocolate)
and also the most awesome thai restaurant that we went to three times...that I can't for the life of me remember the name. if you're headed to kona, let me know and I'll do some searching.

moreee pictures and a video to come!
tonight is parent teacher conferences--my least favorite night of the year.
so that's cool.
and looking at these beach pictures is notttt helping my motivation for tonight!

plus talk about major drama at school today!
from a student that left my room saying, "whatever, I don't even care. I'm just going to go tell the principal and he'll make you do it." HAHAHA--irritating. mostly that they have the nerve to say (or think) that. but I also withheld from saying more than I should have, so if any one is handing out gold stars, I'll take one.
to teacher drama that resulted in an hour long chat with another teacher (I'm not part of the drama, p.s....just somehow in the loop of it all)
to student council drama
and now...parent drama!!

the only plus of today was when another teacher told me that all of the students were voting for me for homecoming queen HAHAHAHAHA

is it friday yet?

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  1. So fun! So tan! So relaxing! Boo on allllll the drama. I kind of need it to be Friday myself, so if you could make that happen, I'd be so grateful!