a lovely homecoming

last week, I was able to film the homecoming of sweet keena.
keena has been serving an LDS mission and has been away from her family for almost 18 months!
While on missions, missionaries are only allowed to email home once a week, and call home on Mother's Day and Christmas.  
So it is a VERY happy reunion when they are finally reunited!
My favorite part about filming this sweet homecoming, was that the siblings had an ordered list about who got to hug Keena first.
But as soon as they saw her, all bets were off, and it turned into a priceless, candid, and beautiful family hug!
I dare you to not cry when you see how anxious her mom was as she is waiting for Keena to come down the escalator. Or when you see that beautiful family hug!
Welcome home, Hermana Horton!

Happy Tuesday!
(Hawaii pictures tomorrow!!)

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