a little weekend update

this last weekend was just so fun having my parents in town.
I was the absolute worst at taking pictures though :(
but the utah gang (me, taylor, my brother, and his wife) had so much fun with my parents.
we went to lots of yummy food places around utah, toured a masonic temple (always some sort of museum involved with the mama ;)), more geocaching, celebrated Rachel's graduation, game playing, modern family watching--and so much more.
we also have a little too much fun making fun of our cute daddy. hahah 
he always gets the rough end of the deal ;)

^here are the little family selfies we sent to my cute sister on a mission!^

I'm so grateful my mom was in town this last little bit.
she was able to help me out with some big things--and it was so helpful to have my mama's advice right when I needed it.

speaking of my cute missionary sister, today marks 6 MONTHS of her being gone! 1/3 of the way there! 
sometimes it feels like FOREVER.
thinking of another year seems crazy long, but I'm so happy we hit the 6th month mark for her!
we sure miss her like crazy.

I am SO happy it's may.
3.5 more weeks until I am SUMMER FREE!
I am so antsy and excited for summer.
I just can't wait!


  1. kelli you are already SIX MONTHS IN???? you got this girl, the last year flies!!!

  2. Can't believe she's been gone for 6 months already! Time is FLYING & I'm not complaining! ;) I love that photo of you and your sisters. So envious of your summer schedule ;) can I come play??

  3. Glad you had a good time with your family. That's usually what I need for a quick pick-me-up! SUMMER IS SO SOON!