stolen pictures + the time I was high

my sister over at the wallace house blogged about mine and taylor's trip to california.
and she had a few pictures I needed to steal, that I want for my own little blog.
marci and I were BEST BEST friends in high school (and still are!!--it's so sad we live so far now!)
like we would have rather hung out with each other than any of our friends every day of the week. HA

those were such good times.
we were so stupid, but we thought we were so dang funny all of the time.
one time, I was laughing SO hard over stupid stuff marci was doing (for like an hour straight), that my dad legitimately thought I was on drugs.
he sat me down at the kitchen table and asked if anyone had given me anything to eat or drink that day.
I started laughing harder, because I thought he was kidding.
but then he freaked out and REALLY thought I was high (or that someone had given me a "special brownie.") 
and then the laughter quickly turned to tears as I told my dad I was fairly sure I wasn't high.
marci was just honestly THAT funny.
and then marci and I started laughing again when my mom came downstairs and got in on the conversation.
she just turned to my dad and said, "really, glen? you think she's high?"
one of our favorite memories ever.

so here are a few more pictures of our spring break california trip.
why does nevada have to be between me and home? (insert really sad emoticons)
I definitely am a believer of child labor ;)
I made little phillip hold my target bags.
but...we made a deal. 
I would hold him, if he would hold the bag.
fair is fair.

 little embarrassing moment here:
I ran into jamba to get a smoothie for me and marce, while she waited in the car with the kids.
while I was waiting for the smoothie, I went around the corner to a window and started dancing to make jack laugh.
see picture:
^oh yes, that's me doing the "swimming move" HAHA^
but I kind of forgot about waiting for the drink, and when I turned to the left (mid-dance move), I saw a jamba worker just awkwardly standing there with my drink outstretched in her hand.
HAHA, I was like, "oh, uh, thanks. I was just over here dancing."
I'm not sure if she thought that I was dancing to an audience or just dancing to my reflection in the window.

^we LOVE this game: libertalia!^

jack is OBSESSED with taylor.
like he loves him 23972894x more than he loves me (and I'm pretty sure TAYLOR loves him 28378247x more than he loves ME), and he was sooo excited to see uncle taylor.
it's the cutest thing ever.
^my cutest snuggle bug.^

and a few pictures geocaching with the cutest little geocachers there are.

I blogged all about our first adventure geocaching here.
it is so addicting!

we sure miss our little friends!
and all of our california family!

GOOD THING my parents come into town tomorrow! hoooorah!


  1. Your hair is getting so long! Also, you're the cutest.

  2. SOO cute. I almost thought that was your baby in the last picture ;) you guys look good as parents! So fun that your parents come into town! Parents are the best ever. ( and I would totally dance with you in the window! )

  3. Love that you were dancing at the Jamba Juice! I think that is just fantastic!

  4. Fair is fair... Phillip can totally hold the bags and you can hold him. WELL PLAYED.

  5. so basically you just stole my whole blog post. fair enough.

  6. You guys look like you had a ton of fun! Cutest family award right here.

  7. This looks like the most fun ever! Hahahah I totally dance in public too and pretty much always get caught ;)