an ode to tayray

yesterday was a pretty rough day for me.
just one of those days, you know?
I woke up from a bad dream--and that kind of set the mood for the rest of the day. HA
it's the dreaded end of term--where all students expect me to be sympathetic, when there is absolutely no sympathy in my bones at this time of year.
two more days of "real schedule days" and then 3 finals days and then DONE.
guys, I can't even handle it.
I am more worn out this year than I can say!
how do people have jobs without a summer vacation!?

I had mentioned to taylor that I was having a bad day, and that sweet boy listened to all of his intuitions and drove home at 2:30 (right when I got home) to give me a hug.
It was exactly what I needed!
He literally ran in, gave me a hug and a kiss, held me for maybe 45secs, and then said, "I've got to go back to work, but I wanted to come and give you a hug to make your day better."
he is the VERY BEST.

then, I had major FOMO (fear of missing out) because I had to do my last long run before my half marathon on saturday, and the whole gilbert family was going out to one of our favorite restaurants out in midway.
but I literally had no choice--I was already pushing doing my 12 miles this close to the race (wasn't able to do it any other day!)--so while everyone was out having fun, I was out running 12 miles.
and let me tell you.
after mile 9, you start to get real bored.
of any music or book or anything else.
so I was pretty bummed out.

BUT THEN, I came home to this:
the note said, "I am the only one in danger of missing out because you aren't with me."
cue heart strings being pulled out of my chest.
oh, and if you're wondering why he signed it "lobby" I call him "my lobster" or "lobby" for short.
please tell me you know why, and we will be bffs.

and also, I must give my tayray a big high five for running nearly 10 miles in the rain with me on saturday, just because I mentioned that I didn't want to do it alone.
SO basically this whole post is an ode to taylor.
but he majorly deserves it.
he's been such a gem these past couple of weeks.

also, it seems so strange that it is so rainy when there are only two weeks left of school.
the weather doesn't quite match the usual "summer excitement"
I mean, I'm wearing hunter rain boots on MAY 19th!
what is this!?

life at the gilbert household has been so hectic!
and now taylor is spending his evenings studying for the gmat.
so that's super fun ;)



  1. Lobsters mate for life! Love this! So glad he treats my twin so well!! Love you!

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WViFQiRgs0 :) :)

    Such a sweet husband! :)

  3. You've got to stop. That Taylor Ray is too much. Just kidding. I LOVE that he came home to give you a hug. BEST EVER. Hang in there... the end of the school year is so rough... but you've got this!!!

    1. he is, right? haha he kills me! you need to get a blog so I can read all about your life too! i just love you!!

  4. I like your Friends reference in here ;) this is such a sweet post. You've got yourself a real sweetie!!!!! You two so belong together!!

  5. This is so, so sweet. Like sappy-in-the-best-way sweet. Keep chugging along - you're so close to summer! Oh, and I can always appreciate a good Friends reference.

  6. Does your hubby work for DoTerra??

  7. I am DYING over the cuteness! You seriously lucked out with that amazing man (and he's lucky to have you!) Soooo close to summer break! You definitely deserve it, girl!

  8. Ugh is it a full moon or something?! The last two days have been a disaster over here, too. Those flowers are so sweet though and I just love that pitcher!

  9. Aww! The flowers and the hug? So cute!!!