pictures from the husband's phone

I was scrolling through the pictures on taylor's phone the other night, and I found a few gems.

first, loved this picture that I didn't know existed.
hahah--for some reason it made me smile knowing he took this.
he is my very favorite cuddle buddy!

during finals season, taylor and I headed down to campus and left some quarters for the poor stressed students to use at vending machines.

 I'm not sure how long it stayed up--but hopefully a few students benefitted!

pictures of taylor getting my approval in the dressing room.

and we went to the payson open house this week!
man that temple is seriously BEAUTIFUL.
we can't wait to go through once it is dedicated!

last night, we had the biggest thunderstorm.
I am SUCH a sucker for thunderstorms.  I have to be right outside watching them or leaning up against a window with the best view.
with the pouring rain, we opted for the upstairs window and mama at papa gilberts house.
I am SO happy-giddy when taylor watches with me.
one of my favorite things ever!
afterwards, we went back home and made fresh chocolate ship cookies and curled up to netflix.
how is life so awesome?

alsoooo--today in my second period, a student accidentally farted SO loud.
I tried to just move past it, but students started giggling immediately.
it was stifled laughter at first, and then everyone's stifled laughter turned into out-loud laughter.
and that quickly turned into uncontrollable laughter.
I tried at first to just keep plowing through the lesson and not draw more attention to it.
but when the whole class was bursting with laughter, I couldn't hold it in any longer myself.
I feel so bad for whoever it was.
but luckily, no one was really sure WHO it was, and everyone was nice not to ask.
I have my suspicions though...haha
but man, oh man...that was something else.

I am super ready for this weekend!
one more day to go!


  1. I'm a sucker for thunderstorms, too...as long as I'm safely inside. Also, pairing the rain with chocolate chip cookies and Netflix is genius. That's so sweet that you guys left quarters for the stressed students. What a PERFECT idea. I might just have to steal it and pay some love forward soon!

  2. Kelli, you are always so gorgeous, even when sleeping! Taylor's a lucky guy. Also loved the coins at the vending machine. You remind me so much of Ms. Davis from junior year!

  3. Oh my goodness. Those pictures from Taylor's phone are the best. Particularly you napping. He looks so pleased with himself!! I love the finals surprise for students - how sweet are you two?!! Best idea ever!!

  4. the quarters for finals?! that is the best thing ever!

  5. you guys are just so cute! hope you have a great weekend, friends! & the quarter idea, so thoughtful!

  6. Ooohhh you're the kind of sweet people who leave quarters at vending machines during finals!! I saw that a few times at the Testing Center and thought, "there are some sweet people at this school. Ah, BYU." It's somethin' else.
    That fart story is so funny. Ben had the loudest and longest fart one time during church in a combined Sunday School in the cultural hall. It echoed, no joke. Everyone around us busted up!

  7. Oh my word YES getting to watch thunderstorms is the perfect "date"!!! ;) I'm telling you. We'd be BFFs if we were neighbors. Time to make this happen. ;) that is so neat that you guys did that quarter thing to the vending machines. So sweet!!

  8. Thunderstorms are amazing- I enjoy them so much! Someone farted during a wedding I went too last weekend and everyone around us was trying SO hard not to burst out laughing.

  9. Hahahaha that's hilarious about the fart. I'm so immature and try so hard not to laugh when that happens but I just can''t control it! I agree that the Payson Temple is gorgeous!! I'm always amazed at how beautiful and how unique each Temple is! I've been loving these thunderstorms, they make me feel like I'm back home in Pennsylvania!