not-a-mother's day

(and yes, I was too excited to think about swiping those alerts away, so they are just blocking her cute little face)
man I miss that girl SOOOOO much. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL MAY 2016!!!

and she is seriously just the funniest.
She asked me a few weeks ago what she should send our dad for his birthday.
I told her, "no one expects you to send gifts on your mission. just send little notes to everyone!"

then, on monday, I get a letter in the mail.
I open the envelope--and it's empty!
...or at least I thought.
I looked harder, and saw this tucked into a corner:
it was so funny.
and so jamie.

I also love my cute mama-bear.
I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting on mother's day (a little overwhelming considering how sensitive of a day it is to a lot of people), but it wasn't too hard when I have a mom like the one I do.

also, taylor and I kind of have this little running joke.
on our first mother's day being married, I jokingly said to taylor, "so what kind of gift do I get for mother's day?"
he said, "girrrl you aren't a mom. I'm not getting you anything until you make me a dad. which makes you a mom."
and so, every year leading up to mother's day, we have the same little sarcastic squabble--I ask him what he's getting me, he tells me I don't deserve anything until I make him a dad, I tell him I will still BE the mother of his children ONE DAY and so I deserve something, he refuses with his cute half smile.
and then he always breaks down and gives me flowers...and we both look forward to next year when we can have the same little argument again.
(that we both secretly love)
and then for father's day, I always get him a BIG gift and say, "see? I give you a gift on father's day because I'm so grateful you will be the father of my children!"
and it is maybe the funniest thing ever.
(maybe you have to be one of us to think it's funny)

ANYways, this year, taylor went out of character and got me a "big gift!"
taylor surprised me with a polar m400! (a running watch!)
I had mentioned once like 5 months ago how cool it would be to have one, and whatdaya know?
he goes and gets one!
when he gave it to me, he said, "here's your not-a-mother's day gift!"
and all throughout the day, he would kiss me and say, "happy not-a-mother's day!" HA
(had to be all sneaky and take this picture with a room full of students HA)

sooo for runners out there:
 I have been comparing the polar m400 and the garmin forerunner 220 for the last month or so, and was slightly leaning towards the polar.
based on all of the reviews I read (especially dcrainmaker--love him!), the polar m400 is THE watch for 2015--beating out its garmin competitor for one of the first times.
there are A TON of cool features on the polar m400.
if you don't care about vibrating alerts or live tracking, then the polar m400 is the way to go hands down.
three of my favorite things about it:
+ it tracks my daily fitness (one of the first running watches to have a complete daily fitness tracker built in)
+gives me a ESTIMATED FINISH TIME (the only watch to do this!). I can't wait to use that feature for my half marathon at the end of this month
+tracks my sleep

basically I'm in love.
and I felt extra confident that I was leaning towards the polar m400 when taylor picked that one after all of his research, too!

SO happy it's friday!
one real week and one non-sense week left until SUMMER!


  1. What a funny/cute lil tradition you've got!! Haha! I'd be afraid if I got Jared something for 'not-a-fathers-day' he would actually think I was announcing something and go panic mode!! ;) So glad you got an awesome runners' watch!

  2. I love it! I'm pretty sure you guys are the cutest not-parents out there! Well played Taylor Ray... well player... because I just needed to say that.... because it rhymes!

  3. I love that you guys get each other mother's and father's day gifts. Genius. I might have to try that for next year with my guy...