biking the golden gate bridge!

while we were in california over spring break, taylor's cousin got married in oakland!
so we headed down with his parents for the wedding.
(just want to throw out that I love that both of our parents get along so well! they always go out to dinner together when they are in the same state, and it is always the best time for everyone!)
my parents were married in this same temple, so it was a really special experience for me to attend the sealing!

and just look at this beautiful bride and groom!
I mean c'mon....insert major heart emoticons!
her dress and veil were to die for!
I feel like lately, the only "tight-fitting" wedding dresses I see are mermaid dresses. i'm personally not a fan of mermaid dresses--but hers was the perfect blend of a tight-fit dress without being mermaid-y.
big thumbs up for incredible style on both of their parts.
they looked sooo good!
^our very favorite travel companions, and one of our very best couple friends! we are lucky to have them!^

after the wedding, we spent the day in san francisco with mom and dad gilbert.
 we decided to do a san francisco bike tour.
since I grew up next to san francisco, I've been there more times than I can count.
but this was the first time I've ever done a bike tour, and it was THE BEST thing ever! 
taylor and I chose the tandem bike, and we both admit that biking around san francisco is on the top of our "favorites" list of things we have done together!
we just chatted and laughed the whole time, while taking in the pretty views!

^this was my view during the bike ride.^ 
pretty great one, if you ask me ;)
(don't ask taylor how many times I would stick my hand down his pants to make him almost crash the bike. HAHHAA)
it was super nice not steering, because I never had to pay attention to where we were going.
I just looked all around at the beautiful scenery!

the best part, by far, was riding across the bridge!
it was seriously SO cool!

and don't tell taylor, but I took lots of selfies when I was supposed to be pedaling. HA

^my #1 biking buddy!^

and of course, our victory picture!
we did it!
we biked the golden gate!
(and the hilly hills of san francisco!)

really, this day was one for the books.
we love love love being with mom and dad gilbert (especially little vacations with them!).
and we were especially lucky that we got to spend the rest of the week with my whole family!
quality time with the davis side is something you can't go too long without!

and a big thanks to everyone who made my birthday special yesterday!
so many people were so thoughtful and made me feel like a million bucks.
but the biggest high five and hug goes to my taylorray who really overdid it and spoiled me. ;)

life is good!


  1. OHMYGOSH KELL. we biked around san fran on our honeymoon, and i swear it's one of the happiest memories i have in this life. we just cruised around with the wind in our hair and took in all the gorgeous views. i'm SO GLAD you got to do it! you and tay are so cute. also - when you come & visit me this summer (hehe) we will have to do something EPIC in sf!

  2. Happy birthday weekend my friend - it looked awesome! definitely a bucket list moment x

  3. I have several thoughts: 1. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was the best one yet and you celebrate all weekend long! 2. The bride and groom make one gorgeous couple. My goodness. 3. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! I've been dying to get to San Francisco and this post made it even dreamier for me.

  4. That looks like such a blast! I haven't been to San Francisco in YEARS but that would honestly be an awesome way to explore it. Especially to bike across the Golden Gate Bride. Wow. Also I love your pink striped skirt :)

  5. How fun, i'm so jealous you got to soak up that California weather!

  6. we just went there a few months ago, so so fun! i love your pictures!!

  7. we just went there a few months ago, so so fun! i love your pictures!!

  8. cutest pictures! let's go do this sometime on a double!

  9. AHHH happy belated birthday you cutie!!!!!! I freaking miss you. Blog world seems so plain when you're not around ;) biking the San Fran bridge sounds like perfection and of course the photos are awesome ha! Glad you two had such a blast!

  10. Tandem biking through SF?! Again I ask... Why are you so cute?!