Warm my heart.

As a teacher, you often hear things walking down the hall that you wish you hadn't heard.
But other times...you hear some comments that warm your heart.
Like just now:
Boy #1 says to Boy #2: "Hey, I overheard what Ben (fake name) said to you yesterday.  That was really rude--I'm sorry he said that."
Boy #2 who looked quite surprised by this, "Thank you..."
Boy #1: "Yeah, have a good day.  Oh...and what's your name again?"

Why I loved this:
1. Boy #1 is a popular boy, boy #2 is not.
2. Boy #1 went out of his way to apologize for what someone else had said. Wow!
3. The last part is what really struck me--"What's your name again?" Boy #1 didn't even know Boy #2 but still felt the need to say something.
4. How touched Boy #2 looked.

It's moments like this that make me smile inside.
Yeah, sometimes kids can be really mean to each other.
But other times, they can rescue each other.

I hope I can raise my children to emulate Boy #1's behavior.

Thanks Boy #1 for showing me such a great example of kindness.

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