Cruising in just a few days.

We leave for our cruise in just a few days!
Well...hopefully I get to go.
If you read this post, I'm still waiting on my passport.
It has two days to get here.
That horrible storm on the east coast delayed the arrival of my package.
I paid for overnight AM delivery.
I sent it Thursday night
It was supposed to get there on Friday at 10:30am.
The passport office closed on Friday since the storm was so bad.
Which meant that I paid for overnight AM, but it didn't arrive until Monday. ha. 
I'm hoping all will still work out...

So NOT something anyone wants to worry about right before a cruise.
Prayers and crossed fingers would be appreciated.

Taylor and I have been on a super healthy kick lately.
He's been doing a special program and I've been doing an extreme sugar-fast.
But, as soon as cruise day hits--we are eating to our hearts content!

As you can tell, I'm pretty excited:

Three more days until we can leave the snow and enjoy the SUN!

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