I love you because...

About a year ago, Taylor and I heard an elderly man give advice to another married couple.
He said, "You should make sure not to only tell your spouse "I love you," but also tell them why you love them.  Try telling your spouse "I love you because..."
I turned to Taylor and said, "What a cute idea! I think we should do that!"
Right on cue, Taylor whispered in my ear, "I love you because." 
That was it. No reason following the "because." Just the four words "I love you because."
After all, that is what the man actually said--to tell your spouse "I love you because." Clearly, he implied to put a reason behind it--but Taylor took it and ran with it. 
I should have known that he would have done something witty like that.

It's now become a somewhat sentimental joke.
We frequently tell one another, "Hey, I love you because."
And it always makes us both smile.

So for Valentine's day, I turned this inside joke into a somewhat creative idea.
I don't take credit for this idea by any means.

You see, my thought was to write something cutesy on the line...but, once again, my husband has taken the sentimental thought and turned it into something funny and witty.
I think this is why I love him so much. 
He always keeps me laughing.

P.S. More cruise posts to come tonight!

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  1. A. Cute! We used to have something similar. No longer...ugh to storage!
    B. YAY for more cruise posts! Can't wait!!