the day that we boarded

Here is the first of many cruise posts!

On Friday night, the whole Gilbert fam flew to New Orleans.
One scary, yet funny, memory: Taylor and I were staying with his grandparents at a different hotel than  the rest of the Gilbert family.  One of the hotel attendants at the first hotel offered to take Taylor and I to the other hotel when she got off of work so that we didn't have to pay for a taxi. Nice, right? 
She dropped us off, and we thanked her as we got out, and then walked to the trunk to get our luggage...when suddenly, she starts to drive away!...WITH OUR LUGGAGE!
My heart dropped while Taylor booked it after the car and started banging on the door to get her to stop.
I'm being optimistic and hoping she wasn't really planning on taking our luggage--but it sure was potentially disastrous.

But, all ended well, and we got our luggage!
However...the luggage woes didn't end there.
If you've never been on a cruise here's how luggage works: you drop it off before boarding the ship with a tag that has your room number.
Throughout the day, they will take the luggage and bring it to your room.
It minimizes craziness.
Anyways...by about 5pm, we still didn't have our luggage.
And it seemed that everyone else had.
We asked a few people who said they would look for it.
We had to go to dinner in our jeans (which is a no-no), because we had no luggage!
We felt so out of place.
Still no luggage when 9pm rolls around.

It was quite the stress issue though--two luggage scares in less than 24 hours?
I just kept telling Taylor, "What will we do if our luggage is not on the ship?? They probably won't even have clothes on the ship that will fit me--there's no kids section!" haha
I was also ready to demand a shopping spree (paid by the cruise-line of course) every day to get new clothes. ;)

It wasn't until 11pm that we FINALLY found it.
The tags fell off on all THREE of our bags--ironic, right?
But...it all worked out in the end!

After boarding the ship on Saturday, it was a lot of waiting around as we anxiously awaited for the ship to leave the New Orleans wind!

Here's Grandpa Gilbert singing along at the Fudgery to get free fudge.
It was possibly the funniest and cutest thing ever.


Gilbert siblings :)

And finally--we were off to warmth and sunshine.

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